Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Emkay, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. Anyone in?

    I have some questions I would like to ask by PM if possible.
  2. there isn't....
    is there??

    i thought the whole point of joining the TA was to play at soldiers every couple of months... not even the SIB do that.
  3. Tired, there are, and the ones I've met happen to be rather good as it happens.

    Emkay, as your questions mate, I will try to answer.
  4. i wasn't casting any doubt on the quality of said individuals, should they exist, merely showing my own ignorance as to their existance.
    you learn something new every day.
  5. 83 Section Special Investigations Branch (SIB)
    83 Section Special Investigations Branch provides specialist criminal and sensitive investigations in support of the Regular RMP SIB.

    Entry Criteria: You must either already have a regular army SIB or Police CID background.
  6. They can drink a lot as well
  7. Haven't seen the Section for a while. It used to be excellent, but the ludicrous cull of then TA RMP at the back end of the 90's which left only the favourites in, didn't do it any favours. They retained some blatant arrsewipes who should have been hoofed at that time and the opportunity was there to get shot of them, but as they were mates with the OC, they stayed. Sadly some really decent lads were left out in the cold and they were the ones who actually grafted when they were attached to the Regular Sections instead of spending all of their time larging it up in the bar trying to impress. There was a uniform Sgt from Notts who was f*cking unstoppable when he turned up at a Regular Det. He'd grab as many case files as you'd let him and he'd have them all tied up by the end of his fortnight. Sadly the 'social committee' of the Section didn't see fit to retain him and one or two others who were of the grafter ilk. Bloody shame as he was a quality investigator and a really decent bloke.
  8. There is shortly to be three sections. 82, 83 and 84.

    Get in contact with PM 5 Div if interested via CVHQ AGC at Worthy Down.