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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by (s)TiVo, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. I'm new to the SIB world and I am wondering what the gen is on suits. My last OC seemed pretty insistent that only a black, dark grey or navy suit would do, with pinstripes optional, while my current OC doesn't seem to be bothered what we wear as long as we're smart (and actually, looking at some people in the office, it's possible that the boss isn't even that bothered on that front).

    Anyway, I'm due posting in a few months and I want to know what the consensus is in the rest of the branch. Is it dark suits only, or will the occasional tan/brown/lighter grey suit be acceptable?
  2. Tan/chocolate brown is good as are white linen suits. A Panama hat is looked on well during the summer months and a knitted cardigan during the colder winter ones.
  3. Heh. Knew that was coming...
  4. Skinny ties, tight trousers, canvas shoes and sleeves crudely rolled halfway up the forearms are also "in" this season. Best worn with thick-framed glasses and a slightly feminine voice.

    Alternatively you could stick with the dark suit and people might take you more seriously than if you were to turn up looking like Gok Wan... ;)
  5. Columbo mac?
  6. We are all talking about the female SIB dress are we not?
  7. Oxfam rejects.............matches the image (feeling the knifes in my back right now, ha! ha!)
  8. Does not really matter what they wear Blazer and Twills, Saville row suit, The shit for brains tattoo on your forehead always gives the game away!!I know I,m an old fart, but do all the SIB tossers still get recruited from the Pioneer corps??usually the ones to thick to use a shovel or push a wheelbarrow 8)
  9. Got to ba a wah, just have a look at the clowns that you will be working with, size 36 red and yellow shoes, red wig, squirty flower etc etc
  10. Make sure they are 1970's suits with flares....pmsl.
  11. The add for CUstom made suits

    who ever put that there is a marketing genuis

    and when I set up my empire

    I am going to employ you
  12. If your a proper tec you will wear jeans, a tshirt over body armour and covert rig....

    This being the 21c you can trade in your timberlands for magnum "elite spiders".... anything else makes you a remit sticking big breakfast eating office detective... and ripe for civilianisation!

  13. The Miami Vice look will get you noticed...

  14. Fcuk Mike, you have spent too much time around them tw&ts!! Did you do them BBQ's too?
  15. Let's just say that for all the amount of times I got let off speeding, we're quits. ;)