SIB IN uniform

Just been down to Capn Jaspers on the Barbican in Plymouth and saw what i believed to be a member of my old Corps in uniform..............
Well to say he looked a lump is an understatement, but each to their own.
] He was dressed in combats and on his right sleeve was an mp sign with a red circular SIB sign above the MP sign.
]He was wearing a red staple belt which looked really out of place, I cannot recall, well in my days anyway, left 1988 wearing a stable belt in combats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
S-T-A-B-L-E ffs!

Apart from that was this fella wearing his stable belt over his combat jacket or through the belt loops of his trousers?
Fancy dress?
SIB Walt?
Maybe a Charity "Wear Your Uniform For A Day" stunt.
You're assuming members of the SIB actually have green DPM - most are wearing desert atm!

My vote goes on fancy dress.
If he looked smart it was fancy dress if he was a mess he was maintaining standards.
Thought SIB uniform was a cheap shiny suit?
I missed the obvious in the first post. If he was not wearing a beret then most likely was SIB.
Was he also wearing a selection of 37 or so medals spanning from the Boar (yes Baor not BAOR) War through to today awarded from various different countries and including a number of prestigious valour awards? If so then he may have been a walt.

Can we have a walt outing thread on this man? We have not had a walt thread on here for ages now!
Sod the SIB - but the memories of Cap'n Jaspers.
The evocative smell of the docks?
The lovely selection of grub
The Barbican (especially on a bank holiday)
the effin HUGE dive bombing seagulls that you had to fight off to keep your bloody chips to yourself!!!!!

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