Siamese twins

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wannabe_civvy, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Here's a little poser that I've been mulling over and need your help to come up with a conclusion.
    OK, the situation is this. You bag off with a siamese twin with 2 heads and one of them thinks you're a God of lovin' and the other head thinks you're uglier than a ginger mong.
    Now, if one of them is giving you a blow job could the other one do you for indecent exposure? If she could would rigging up some sort of head covering contraption be sufficient?
    Any thoughts?
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Where are MDN and Praetorian when you need them?

    In a similar vein, if your banging in their back doors which one are you actually doing?
  3. The one who isn't screaming rape? At least you'll know which one to ATM...

    Does it count as a threesome if they're both sucking you off at the same time?
  4. i would only be worried if i was one of the two headed...imagine it's a bloke, if one was gay and the other head not?
  5. I presume we're talking about the American twins that were on Five the other night.

    I was thinking if you got the angle right one can nosh you, while the other can gave you a hoop dhobi.

    Not that I've given it much thought since the other night.
  6. Hang on a minute, I can see great wind up potential in this... :plotting:

    Head 1: "Er, Dave, do you fancy heading down the Admiral Duncan?"
    Head 2: "WTF for?"
    Head 1: "Trawling for c0ck... I'm gay you see. Failing that, you could just wnak me off"
  7. I would do them Arrse, Gob, Gob, Gob, Gob, Arrse.
  8. She/they are in the lucky position of having control over a hand each, which means that A can to55 B off without having to make it numb first.

    Which owns the clit, and which has to fake it?.

    There are more questions than answers.

    Is one always happy, or do they take it in turns to get the painters in?.

    etc etc
  9. I just wanted to see them snogging each other...but does it count as incest, and lesbian incest at that?

    They could be making a fortune on the web...
  10. Especially if you add dwarves and poo play, count me in
  11. Thing is though, surely is extends to the level of control?


    Twin 1 has control of the body, Twin 2 has the stuck on head. This only really works with the 2 head one body variety!

    If twin 1 wanted it, but twin 2 didnt, then would it count as rape on twin 2 because they are powerless to resist you smashing the fuck out of them? That'd be funny as fuck if it came to court, you couldn't convict due to the possibility that the star witness and the victim have discussed it when they're at home. Rape with no chance of a conviction! BONUS! :thumright:

    I personally believe that the best use for siamese twins is as a knight on a human chessboard, it'd be funny as fuck trying to watch them jump 2 squares forward and one to the side. Especially the ones who are joined at the head, it'd be like the Chuckle Brothers shouting "to me, to you".
  12. twice the fooking nagging !!