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Siamese Twins

If you tap off with Siamese twins, get them into bed and one wants it up the chocolate star fish and one doesnt, does it count as a sexual offence? and if both dont, can you get done on 2 accounts?
Death_Rowums said:
the_crimp_off said:
Bullet Sponge said:
no1cares said:
Bullet Sponge said:
Are they in a wheelchair and displaying mong tendancies? If so then can I have a go on them after you?
Fcuk off you retard :x
Thought it was (parent of) retard?
He'd put a chainsaw through his own kid?
as long as i can have a go on the pieces i wont tell :twisted:
Is it a male and female Siamese thing? You could have a 2 and a halfsome. Shag the female one up the Dung Trumpet while gobbling the male one, 3 Para Mortars stylee.

Like to see some pics.


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