SIA Security Training & work available (Career Transition Partnership Registered)

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by PROSEC, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. PROSEC Consultancy Ltd is a Wiltshire based Security, Surveillance and Training Company that trains and employs Military and Ex Military personnel, as our management structure are all Ex Services.

    We provide SIA Security training and are registered with the Career transition Partnership, displaying adverts in all the Resettlement centres around the World for our courses and employment opportunities.

    Not only do we offer work to Ex Military personnel, we also employ CURRENT members of HM Forces on a part time basis, as we work at some of the UK's biggest festivals (Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds and many more) during the summer months which can provide an additional income if required......and allows you free access to the festivals when not on shift !

    ALL of our BTEC Level 2 Courses can also be claimed back against your Standard Learning Credits !

    Get in touch with us at or call 01373 228055 to find out more or go to our website at: Prosec | Security, Surveillance, Training, Safety.

    Were also on Facebook at
  2. you could invest in a proof reader for your website to corect the typos/spelling mistakes - a lot of websites for firms such as yours have the same problem. Sorry if I am being a pedant but if I were looking for services such as those you provide I would take the website into consideration when making my choice
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