SIA Qualified Security Guards, £7.50 ph, London (Olympic Period – 27th Jul-09th Sep)

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by Albionroar, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. A well established security company is hiring security guards for the duration of the Olympics to help with the security of the Olympic village. This will run over 2 periods in a shift basis.
    If successful, applicants will be placed through a screening process.

    Must be SIA qualified and preferably have retail experience.

    For further details please contact Craig McIntyre 0n 0203 021 3986 or e-mail a CV to
  2. 7.50 an hour? In London?, I'm not being funny but tell your well established company to stick it up their well established arse. I could earn that at McDonalds spitting in the food and I'd get free scoff
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  3. G4S are offering £10-£14 an hour and they give you the SIA license for free. They are hiring up 20,000 guys so if you want staff you best improve your T&Cs of pay.

    £7.50 an hour in London is an insult. It would not even cover the cost of accomodation.
  4. Agreed with the above poster. Haven't you heard what happens when supply and demand are unequal????
  5. Any jobs in the male swimming team changing rooms forget the money.
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  6. 7.50 an hour? I get paid 8.67/ 14.25 on weekends an hour for driving a forklift in Oxfordshire! Try harder.

  7. There's probably a horde of red- eyed old mustangs bidding for the honour on E- Bay.......
  8. Good job I offerred then, these young, fit, muscled, toned, Lycra wearing young men need protecting.
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  9. albioroar your not trying to fill jobs by advertising on arrse free are you?
    as for 7.50 an hour your taking the pi55!
  10. Your a little early for April fools dear chap..
  11. You are talking the piss , Id bet your agency is getting at least 16 if not 20 quid an hour
  12. Calm down..... picture a brick wall until your urges pass.......

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  13. Have to agree, I'm putting bodies on building sites in the North West for £8.00 and a shift allowance. Bollocks comes to mind. For £7.50 you'd best be giving them free duty wheels to and from site, decent digs, paying for their scran and giving them a nice touch at the end of contract but to be fair your workforce will resemble an Al Johnson jamboree so you'll probably do very well out of this in the long run.
  14. Saw this happen in Sydney in 2000. Security and firearms licences scattered like confetti at a wedding, spoken English not a requirement. Fast forward a few years down the track and when ballistic fingerprinting of all industry held firearms is required, cue a rash of lebbo security companies being broken into and all gats stolen.
  15. I'm looking for work but I'm afraid £7.5 wouldn't cover my drugs and alcohol bill. I was goingbto send you an E-Mail but I can't be bothered so please accept my invitation to **** off :-x
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