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I have a SIA Door supervisors licence and am looking to join the RMP, will i be able to use this licence in my spare time once i have joined?
The official answer is no, but I know of many people who have done private security work on the hush hush whilst serving. It could put you in an awkward position if for example you were on the door of a pub where squaddies frequent. Your choice if you want to take the chance though.


Thanks very much, that is what i thought the answer would be but i wanted to check.
Don't think i would risk it to be honest.

cheers again.


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Ray, you have an SIA licence for door work. You could still use this on leave or on your off days, just dont work in the town your based. Keep it to yourself, you dont need to tell anyone.

Stick to working on the doors, away from squaddies towns, you should be ok.


The official Line is people are allowed to apply for secondary jobs for out or hours leave etc etc but are not allowed to have work likely to put them in a compromising situations this includes work of any kind in any bars/clubs etc etc that includes bottle collecting.

And thats the official line on things,

You could use it outside of work in your free time at your own risk but also feel free to await the day when you eject someone a little to hard they complain (even if it dont go no where) which means work would find out youve been moonlighting without authoiryt then you loose your job sounds harsh but true


You can always ask for your COs permission, however i doubt he will sign off on it!! The crime is getting caught though!


NO NO NO, the SIA run a database which includes HM forces. Door supervisors are target no 1 for the police and RMP, if something happens where your working and your listed as forces then your *******d.


besides the law also states that security staff may not undertake police work..
and police staff may not undertake security work..


"make a f*ck up as security then pull a warrent card"


I dont know if the RMP have a specific policy but I'm in the Infantry and work as an SIA licensed doorman at weekends and whenever I'm on leave. My OC is aware but turns a blind eye. Just avoid garrison towns and if your on a city door and recognise a squady, hide. Also if things kick off and you have a license check it is upto the coppers discretion wether or not to raise the issue that your in HM Forces but most civvy bobbies don't care less as long as your licensed.

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