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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by saintstone, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Can everyone who has got a SIA licence make sure that they have updated their addresses if they have moved since being issued with their licence. The SIA are sending out letters to people to check details and if they have not recieved replies to 2 of these, they are revoking the licences in a third letter, which you may also not have recieved, until the necessary changes have been made, costing £245 each to replace. I have lost 5 members of my team in the last 2 days due to this. It seems like a kneejerk reaction to the recent discovery of dodgy licences issued to others.
    It turns out that if you miss the appeal date after having your licence, you have to see a magistrate to sort it out, he can say no and the whole process has to be started again.
  2. Thanks for the heads up on this, I've also passed this on
  3. Thanks for the info mate.Thought that might happen after that Panorama show pinged all the cowboys.
  4. Cheers Saintstone.. havent moved but I'll get Sunray at home to check my mail for me just in case...

    Any chance of a job ! lol ! Im back from the sand pit in about 5 weeks !

  5. If you're serious, PM me, we're in the market for bodies at the moment due to the antics of the SIA.
  6. check your pm fella.
  7. Hi Wrapjobagain... sorry mate but nothings come through on my PM's... now either Im a pc mong (which admittedly is possible but I doubt !!) or its not got through the system yet....

    Just a quick one then... am I in the 5hit for asking for a job on the site or is it some advice/info/offer you're sending me ?

    Cheers !