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Hi people
I'm located in hampshire (portsmouth area), & i'm searching for a SIA course (frontline security) within a reasonable cost, i've noticed a few companies in my local paper being advertised but would like some advice & feedback on this issue,.

however i've seen courses been advertised for as little as : £160 for a 4 day course (door supervisor)

other courses ranging from £200 upwards depending on the type of course

i'm due to attend a NVQ L2 on crowd safety very soon however i would like to know what other Quals will help me gain the SIA licence as if possible i'd like to gain more than just 1 qualification,.

any pointers for a good reliable company in my area would be welcome
you might want to check out the SIA website, courses range from static guarding, door supervisor, close protection and cctv, all available around the country at various prices. Best bet is to try find a security jopb which includes the basic licence as part of the work package. PM me fore further info.
Depends what you wanna do. Ive only ever seen companies offer to pay for security guarding licences as part of a job and even then the majority of the time they take it out of your wages. And of course this means u can only work in security guarding.

Try looking in the yellow pages for security companies near you. A lot of em run courses or will probably be able to inform of companies that do.
Or just google away.

I did mine at college so check out your local ones.
mainly "door supervisor" work is which i'm aiming for,.

i've a female work collegue who got her sia licence working through Chubb, she's also cctv qualified & has given me some advice,.

due to my primary job meaning i move within the uk every so often, i want to make sure i'm fully qualified within the sia sector for secondary work but want to keep my licence up to date when it comes to renewing it

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