SIA COURSE recognised by open University

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by two_of_seven, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Hello All

    I see some sia courses offer cerificates such as Level 3 Diploma in Protective Security & BTec level 2 Certificate: FPOSI

    Has anyone knowledge if they are accepted by Universities & what value of credit they are worth?

  2. If its an accredited recognised qualification such as an nvq or btec then its likey to be accepted. Even if the subject matter is something basic like 'introduction to flower arranging'
  3. The course certify's that in you are able to stay awake and reframe from licking windows, while someone teaches you to suck eggs, by stating the obvious. Aided by powerpoint presentations, designed to suck your very will to live.

    On the up side, if you get a good course, they have free tea and coffee.
  4. I would doubt they're accepted as points towards degrees as they are level 6 qualifications, or HNDs and the such like that are level 4. This would be like saying my A Levels (lvl.3) and GCSEs (lvl.2) would give me credits towards my BA. That said give them a call and they can put you straight.
  5. What's the point..typical of the 'shite' state of modern universities..and how embarrasing to present that as a 'point' gainer..also are you 'well ard'..??..kind of makes you the 'fastest gun in town' unless you can deal with the chancers on a regular basis..keep mum.. :) 'cos' otherwise you might need her.
  6. There are many here in London who have been forecasting the demise of the SIA. Perhaps post Olympics.......................
  7. TTW


    The SIA are here to stay - the talk is that they might be changing the name and handing over the issuing of licences back to local councils as it used to be back in the days of old.
  8. OU equivalent credit must be 'equivalent' ie as you have said. Degree level for degree level. A HNC (for example) from the Royal School of Signals run Tech Upgrader course (Class 2 to 1) gets you a whole 100 points at level 1 (ie the first year of Uni) with the OU.

    I think Level 3 now comes in two flavours, upper and lower. The Upper may be able to give some points at the lowest level of OU, as it sort of stradles between A level and Degree level quals. That said I wouldn't bet on it, and if it does it will be a pittance of credit. Certainly not a full 30 point course.