si 2005 859 allowablvant legislation e expences

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by aurelian, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. hi i have an unusual question to raise about what is allowable , i have read the relevant legislation and am still at a loss. is there any one willing to pm about this , dose 859 para 4 superceed 752 para 17 sub f ? cheers
  2. You edited your post for clarification yet you still failed to use a single full stop or capital letter.
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  3. Hi I dont have a fucken clue what you are talking about , maybe you should ask your pay office. or is that too hard , anyway dont get the inpershun you com over as suprfishul or anythink.

  4. regarding allowable expense claims jsp 572 paragraph 17 section f says ...such other expenses which in the reasonable opinion of the adjudicating officer it is appropriate for the reservist to claim. regarding allowable expense claims statutory instrument 2005/859 para 4 exactly mirrors para 17 s first 5 points a-e but excludes f.
    my question is what bit will be used when claiming allowable expences.
  5. 33 and a tin of John West tuna. I hope that helped.
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  6. Mug

    Mug Clanker

    Do you mean, The Reserve Forces (Call-out and Recall) (Financial Assistance) Regulations 2005 No. 859 PART 4?
  7. This is not an unusual question, "Should I spread marmite on this hedgehog" is an unusual question.
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  8. yes the one ivor signed
  9. Oh, THAT one!
  10. [​IMG]

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  11. Bahnhof???
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  12. Send key setting, over.
  13. Mag to Grid......
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