Shut up you stupid woman.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. Rice warns Syria over Lebanon, Iraq

    Will you be making a similar call on yourselves and Israel Ms. Rice?

    More bloody confrontational soundbites, from a woman who hasn't a clue. No , I am not being "anti-american" but everytime this damn woman opens her trap , she says something Arabs can drive a camel and four straight through.

    "The biggest threat to the peace process is Palestinian rejectionists" . There aren't any Israeli rejectionists them Ms. Rice?
  2. Dear PartTimePongo!

    It seems to me that you are too severe with ms.Rice. She is a lady btw. Really ms.Rice is not a typical silly hen, not at all. She is a well-educated, sharp-minded dame one of too few real proffessionals in American administration.

    Does she understand that all her demands will be ignored? Yes, of course. But she exposed herself as an "iron lady" and nobody can say that her position toward Syria is soft. No matter that many laugh at USA because of her empty threats - she doesn't bear any responsibility for their realisation.

    As to Israel then ms.Rice is wise enough not to repeat her speeches toward Jewish state because numerous friends of Israel in Washington would remove her from such an attractive post in few minutes.
  3. I doubt it, foreign non-interference has never been their strong point. I seriously doubt that she even considers herself to be part of the interference. Best get back to my G&T before she reconsiders prohibition.
  4. Gosh PTP, why don't you say what you mean instead of beating around the G W Bush?

    She's a Yank. And a politician.

    Therefore she's a crass, ignorant, arrogant, loud-mouthed, dangerous fcuking idiot. ;-)
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    At least she has the Balls to speak the truth, unlike most politicians in the World. What she is showing is Moral Courage, the same as the Army is meant to inculcate in its Officers, rather than shabby political expediency.

    Hopefully, the days of the Ted Heath / Kissinger-style 'don't upset the local despots' is going, and a very good thing too.
  6. Sadly, have to agree with OS. Expediency, moral cowardice, lack of faith in any form of principle whatsoever..... All part of the New, korrekt Order, exemplified by Blair, his gang and everyone in the British and Irish Governments (except McDowell). And a large section of the rest of Western 'leadership' too. Where have all the balls gone? Did Thatcher eat them?
  7. I don't think anyone here is slighting her ability to show moral courage or her skills as an administrator. She does though have the rather annoying habit of making statements which seem incredulous given the seemingly never ending conflict which is Lebanon.
  8. Except American, French and Saudi interference that is.

    Code for HEZBOLLAH, the only militia which still has arms! oh btw don't both Israel and America have a little problem with Hezbollah?

    The Americans don't give a c.rap about Lebanon, it's a useful stick to beat Syria with.
    Who wants to bet that following the UN investigation into the death of Saint Hariri, America, whatever the findings call for sanctions against Syria?
  9. I've worked for two guys that have known her since graduate school, one of whom spent the next 30 years in the State Dept, DOD, the Congressional Budget Office and the US Senate. They say that she's a nice enough person (she used to babysit one guy's kids) but when push comes to shove, she's a fcuking lightweight that is 200 fathoms out of her depth. She's a frustrated Sovietologist who can't get outof a Cold War mindset. She can't get her head around the US not having some adversary to build their foreign policy around. End of story.
  10. It is always hard to tell without knowing what is going on behind the scenes. It is too easy to call her a loud mouthed American. She is clearly intelligent and must have gained considerable expereience over the past 3 years dealing with some seriously big issues. Don't forget that she worked closely with Colin Powell and I can't believe that hasn't influenced her behaviour. There is a wider picture here which includes the fact that Egypt has remained pro US (post elections) and Isreal friendly (tolerant). Syria is not the flavour of the month amongst other Arab states. No doubt a lot of the naughty boys in Iraq are transiting Syria. So why are you surprised that the US through our Condi is waving the big stick. The stick has more credibility with a major force deployment in the region. How less impressive will that stick be in say 3 years post withdrawl?
    I reckon the US is actually working to a plan here and this is just part of it. I don't believe these are just off the cuff remarks.

    Besides she has a particularly nice arrse which, when wrapped in that little black cocktail number turns me in to a slobering mess.

    Yours with dribble on his shirt

  11. It could be argued that the US waving a big stick around at the moment is actually less credible given current US deployments. They do not have anyone spare and personally if I was one of America's enemies I'd be praying for them to invade another country and fatally over-extend themselves.
  12. Like fcuk she did. She, to use her own phrase, 'staffed the President' and since W was hell-bent on war she made sure that war was what they got. Rummy, Wolfie and Cheny got in, Powell didn't. End of story.

    Not one ME specialist was in the least bit surprised that Mubarak was re-elected. They were surprised he only got 70% of the vote. You can draw the conclusion about how fair the elections were. Mubarak is not going to p1ss off the United States because (Iraq excepted) after Israel, they are the second largest recipient of foreign aid. Mubarak has to get his F-16s from somewhere.

    By letting the US lean on Syria, the rest of the Arab world is not having its dirty laundry aired in public. This idea of Arab unity is for the birds. The leaders of the Arab states would sell out their own mothers if it meant they could improve their position.

    D'uh! Do a Google search on Project for a New American Century. Rummy, Wolfie, Feith etc. spent the late 80s and most of the 90s writing the playbook. The only thing that surprises most close observers is that they're sticking to the playbook even though it turned out to be utter c0ck. Remember 'We will be treated as liberators' and 'the reconstruction can be paid for through the sale of Iraqi oil' 'I believe the operation can be completed for around $2billion'? Tw@ts.

    ...and a permanent scowl on her face that makes her look like a bulldog licking p1ss off a stingy nettle.

  13. Bollox. I forgot to add self-possessed hypocrite to the list.

    Shabby political expediency led to invasion of Iraq on a false, politically engineered, and totally illegal premise in the first place. How dare she presume to make comment? Sorry, OS, but I find her comments deeply galling.
  14. That's about the most accurate summation of Condoleezza Rice that I have encountered over the past number of years. If my memory serves, she is an academic who specialised as an advisor on Soviet matters since the Reagan era (if not beforehand). Not wishing to be flippant, but America churned out such Sovietologists by the cartload during the Cold War, particularly from the time of the Kennedy Presidency. Anyone here with any experience of American academia, particularly with an emphasis on foreign policy, will know that the experts which emerged from this discipline tended to be intellectually rigid with a tendency towards narrow-mindedness. Their world view is hampered by the fact that they are essentially armchair strategists with little appreciation of geo-political and strategic realities on the ground. I do not doubt that she is well-meaning (itself a meaningless thing in international realtions) but she is a lightweight who does appear to be out of her league - I am afraid that she has been promted beyond her abilities.

    US softens opposition to Hamas role

    Welll, this all makes perfect sense now :roll:

    Are you sure it's only 200 fathoms?