Shut up, Chinese diplomat tells US

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Zapata_rides!, Aug 18, 2006.

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    His Excellency Ambassador Sha Zukang of the People's Republic of China, remarks were broadcast yesterday Thursday 17th August 2006 on the BBC's Today Programme, there is nothing wrong with The Daily Telegraph report but really you should have heard his Excellency the Ambassador talking in the BBC clip, it is like a guy behind the counter in a chinese take away who has lost his marbles and Benny Hill in full flight would I think have thought twice at portraying any body acting like that, for reasons of good taste!

    Saludos Amigos
  2. China are a growing superpower, why shouldn't they have an army beffitting that status.

    It's just septic jealousy, the chinese have taken advantage of pollitical instability and have used agressive financial means exploiting other countries to become a superpower.

    In exactly the same way the US did in the first half of the 20th century.
  3. What happens when they're big enough to kick US arrse? Will they take advantage of it?
  4. maybe so, but agressivly posturing towards them is just garunteed to make enemies of them.

    china could potentially be an ally to the west. why do the US look at other countries growing as potential threats rather than potential allys.

    just sounds to me like the top dog loosing his place at the head of the pack.
  5. I agree. We in the West need China as an ally, if only for the fact that we don't want them as an enemy. The Septics need to take this into consideration when dealing with North Korea. China seems to be the only country who can control Kim Jong Il, and they were the only ones he listened to, after he test fired the Tae Po Dong (yes, really) missiles earlier this year. The Septics posturing to N.Korea only causes them to become more insular, unstable and uncontrollable.

    We also need China, as theirs is fast becoming the biggest economy in the world. We may not agree with their politics, but there is no reason why we can't like their products. They seem to be stable and are not given major outbursts against the west.

    I think that the Chinese diplomat was just venting against the Septics, because they are doing the big "I AM". Septics need to look outside of their own interests and see that the world is changing.
  6. US has always been detrimentally isolationist, what they can't control scares them
  7. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Hmmm, I've been through the whole week's shows on the website and can't find the interview, are you sure it was Thursday 17th???
  8. The telegraph article reads more like a come on. Didn't the Chinese government have strong words with one of their generals who made a similar but more threatening outburst recently.

    My money is on the US kicking their arrse for the next fifty years at least in any conflict not on the chinese mainland. If the Yanks ever manage to get Son of Star Wars working effectivly then the Chinese won't even bother getting into an arms race of the type Ivan did.

    I think the current Chinese government has made it clear that it is only intrested in China have a regional superpower status and would work towards a tri-polar world. EU, US and Communist China, they are quite shrewd and know that most in the EU are happy to leave them alone for the same in return. The people who loose out are those who would fall into China's sphere like Tibet etc.

    Regardless of all that I reckon India is more likely to have a proper war with China before the Americans do unless Taiwain does something silly.
    Both nations have billions of citizens many of which are aspiring to western lifestyles. Unless they manage to leapfrog some of the technologies we in the west have been using for the past fifty years there is going to be fierce competition for trade and resources. Having said that China's population is overflowing into parts of the CIS as much as Russia's own population is declining, so there could be potential friction there too - or not depending on how you look at it.

    I'll go back to reading Tom Clancy books now :)
  9. As it says in the bible,the yellow man will rule the world!
  10. Tartan Jock - where abouts in the bible does it say that? Maybe he had Jaundice?
  11. I looked on the Today Programme's website during Thursday 17th of August and did not see it specifically mentioned. It was not an "interview"
    in the syle normally which occurs on the Radio 4 Today Programme as if memory serves me right the Ambassador was talking to a BBC journalist, but the amount of time the package lasts for is very short maybe four/five minutes [ if that and probably shorter ].

    There is a direct link to an audio file, re the Ambassador's comments, in The Epoch Times article, which appears in page 2 of this thread.

    Saludos Amigo
  12. I realize on this site there is no love lost on Americans. Its not just about Individual countries ,but about which system of government dominates.

    China is a huge country and will get respect regardless as to which system governs it. China as a totalitarian state is a completely different creature than China as a western style democracy, just as imperial Japan was different than a Japan govern by western style values ,as it is today.
    Had the Nazi style fascist system won WWII ,Europe and Brittan would be a complete different place today. The world would be different

    I would hope your own enlighten self interest would lead you see that the struggles that western style democratic governments have with more totalitarian forms of government are in your interest to win. The preservation of your own unique system is tied to the success of the western style democracy's of which Brittan was probably the first example.
    Many don't see it that way The French are prime examples but surly you must realize than if totalitarian governments dominate thing will change radically
  13. NEO_CON I defer to and treat with respect your view that Quote "I realize on this site there is no love lost on Americans." UnQuote, in that you have been posting on this site longer than I have, but that said during the time I have been posting on this site, from the materiel I have seen: my considered personal view is that the US is treated fairly on this site. As for the rest of your remarks quoted above in this post, I would be broadly in agreement with them.

    Saludos Amigo
  14. No, it is in American interests that the EU doesn't ally itself with China.

    China has not-threatained the UK, infact we do a great deal of trade with China.

    China is not a free country, but niether is most of the globe outside of europe and the US, and freedom in europe and the US is only conditional, as in your have to be politically correct to the letter or face imprisonment or being a social outcast.

    I personally couldn't give a monkeys who the next superpower will be, as long as the UK is prospering and un-threatained and trading with them.

    i dont see how demonising china or threataining them will help anybody, it will just lead to war.

    And i would personally rather avoid ww3 or another cold war, we have enough on our plate as regards islamic extremism threataining the UK.
  15. what im trying to say is that if your not at war with someone, why act like you are by treating them as enemies.