Shut the gates - quick!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rickshaw-major, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. No link available as yet but on local NOVA TV I have just seen a clip about a family of Gypsies in Croatia. The family consists of mummy (34), daddy (36) and SEVENTEEN children. The local government has given him a house and a piece of land which now looks like a scrapyard. It will come as no surprise to learn that their new neighbours are enthralled with the newcomers

    Croatia will be a fully paid up (see what I did there :evil: ) member of the EU in the next 2 years.

    Go West young man :D
  2. As you patently haven't noticed, it is now the UK's duty to house and pay for all the dross of europe.
    Whats more, in the name of multi-culturism and diversity you must not only tolerate but actually welcome all comers.
    You are too report for attitude modification class's Monday morning. You will attend these class's until you are re-educated and approriatley enthusiastic.
    That'll teach you not to be a xenophobic, Nazi fascist now won't it?
  3. For his indiscretions he's already on the list for an intensive re-education course at the Blair-Clinton Academy of Right Thinking or something like that.
  4. 17 by the same woman! Blimey there's a turn up.

    Here we prefer 17 by 14 different fathers... give them time they'll catch on with our 'advanced society' :)
  5. You are of course correct! At least he is a Gentleman :D

    Strangely enough mater is not too bad looking 8O

    Actually this is a geographic area where EU and US policies are ..... confused.

    In Bosnia, dual nationality Bosnian Serbs will be able to get use the visa-free regime being introduced shortly into Serbia. Ditto Bosnian Croats. Dual nationality means turning up at the appropriate Interior Ministry in Belgrade or Zagreb and hey presto - a shiny new passport. Now this does not apply to Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) or inhabitants of Kosovo or Albania.

    Spot the connection between all three!

    Meanwhile the EU are trying to get rid of the pst of OHR whilst the US want him to use his Bonn Powers more often.

    A cluster fcuk!
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    The whole point of the Schengen area (mainland EU zone, we are not part of it) is to allow the ease of movement of the scum and waste of Europe to move without border restrictions INTO the UK with the minimum of difficulty and fuss. And the illegals are herded to Sangatte and similar "holding areas" ahead of their surge towards the Island national with the open border...
  7. Briliant,17 more potential coppers.
  8. Since our miscalculation on Polish migration (silly old sausage fingers totted up 15k making the trip when 600k swarmed in) we’ll be minded not to open our borders either way. IIRC UK was only one of three EU countries who allowed unrestrained Polish migration – such was dilettante view of managing migration; or was it rather an acknowledgement that few indigenous peeps were going to fuel the unskilled roles that were going begging. Maybe a bit of both.

    The Poles have proven to be diligent integrators IMHO. Our Cybil Service should make a judgement based on the cultural leanings of any mass migration.
  9. Yes, they are certainly adding to the diversity of our prison population and are taking full advantage of our generous child benefits system on behalf of their alleged children back in their homeland.

    Let those who want multi culturalism pay for it, the majority for us can use the billions saved in taxes to maybe buy some decent helicopters and UAV's for a more deserving segment of the population.
  10. DOnt think Crotes will put up with that for long. historically not the most xenophile of Europeans....
  11. Oh fooey! You are a naysayer, forsooth!

    The Poles are multi-billion pound net contributors to UK Plc; £6bn IIRC. Polite largely, keen to integrate into the finest nation on earth. Those that have had the mixed fortune to end up in my lectures are diligent and in some cases prize-winning; they have often been taught by rote and some are familiar with classical ideas that our trendy educationalistas have expunged.

    The Slovaks are a fascinating bunch too. The ladies are breathtakingly sculpted I note.

    Fundamentally a liberal view of markets and migration has served us brilliantly; and will continue to attract the entrepreneurial, unlike our over regulated euro cousins.
  12. No they are not Office for Eonomic Development has nailed the lie regarding the financial benefits of immigration.

    Besides, Gordon Brown has already stated here will be no upper limit on immigration, the whole point of it is to allow potential labour voters in.

    Lets face it, the indiginous people won't vote for the foreigner loving commie b*stards!

    Don't take my word for it, lets have a referendum on immigration, then we'd see who wants it.

    Oh but that would be democratic wouldn't it... can't have that in our glorious multi cultural paradise.
  13. Oh no we can't do that! We might actually offend someone! Mr Political Correctness would be rather upset, wouldn't he?
  14. Is that the No. 73 Bandwagon to Cockfosters?
  15. Where's Cockfosters?
    On 2nd thoughts, never mind, I'll jump on tht bandwagon regardless of destination.....

    Mass immigration IS NOT GOOD FOR THIS COUNTRY. The debate has raged back and forth for eternity but the simple fact is that uncontrolled immigration is a disaster, the only people who think otherwise are rather detatched from the everyday life us mere mortals have to live.