"Shut the City Down" Protest - Um, no :)

I saw some footage from a slightly different angle of the same incident. (emperor mong thread I think)
I do like to see swift action, the other footage it looked like the first person taken down gets a bit of a beating, doesn't look as brutal (better quality video and better angle) but still bloody quick and effective, well done those coppers
If only @Chuffit or @DaManBugs was there, they would have shown the police who is boss.
Their protests are far more effective in the UK, any day now the masses are going to take down the system.
Or possibly not.
Soon to be spun as "Trump's Fascist Regime Tightens it's Grip" or some such tosh.
Can we have this as an alternative to kettling.
It's a pity BLM weren't dealt with so pragmatically.
It's a pity BLM weren't dealt with so pragmatically.
If someone had said 'there is a load of BLT to deal with' they'd have been there faster
Nice to see some simple, effective policing. No namby-pambying. You're blocking the roads and causing an obstruction. Book 'em Danno.
Washington as well, some nice spraying and kettling :)


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There's an idea. Riot training for rioters. The shame that it's come to this.

Young people today. I despair.
You do know that Bugsy's never lost on the cobbles, right?
The man is a freedom fighting hero who inspires the country to reject capitalism. You shouldn't listen to rumours he's a lying alkie who has achieved very little in his life and is desperate for any type of attention while living in a shitpit of a flat.
That was pretty sweet, the first of the unwashed to hit the deck seemed to bounce.

Good effort Portland PD.
I like the old dear giving Plod the thumbs up after they drop the protestors. :)
What are these mongs protesting about?

And yes, good to see people supporting the plod.

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