Shut For Christmas: More great reporting from The Scum


The background research may be crap, but the story is basically true. My mob have all been sent home for a week either side of the normal Xmas stand down without having to put in leave passes.

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Erm, well, maybe apart from this bit...
Tom Newton-Dung said:
The Army last night insisted there “nothing unusual” in the shut-down. And a spokesman said it ensured exhausted troops get a rest because some REFUSE to take all their holiday entitlement.

...the rest is pretty much on the money. I understand that some HQ LAND staff are being required to work from home so its not all holiday.
Funny enough, it’s closer to the truth than you realise.


I think a smal minority probably find it difficult to take all their entitlement for example if they've been away on tour then come back to their unit after their lenghty POTL, they'll want to get a couple of months face time with their bosses in the reporting year before say Xmas standown and a long course in the new year and then finding themselves in March with 20 days annual leave still to take, but refusing to take leave is I'll agree a bit strong!


What do you mean closer to the truth? It is the truth. My barracks has been shut down and we are still on duty. The Heating has all been turned off, told that if it gets really cold we can get a heater from the QM, anyone seen the QM?? Course not he has gone on leave to his warm house.

We are holding a New years eve party in the WO & Sgts mess. Had to get some gas heaters in billed to the mess to heat it for the function.

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