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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by centurion79, Sep 10, 2005.

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  1. Lately Ive been thinkin of joining the TA....for a second time. I signed up around 4 years ago but had to quit during RT as I was in the middle of a home study course. Now Ive finished the study course I have nothing standing in my way except a girlfreind who Im marrying in two years time who will no doubt want to start a family. The question is will the TA allow me to try again or am I wasting my time? I take part in a sport called Milsim which quenches some thirst for getting dirty in camo but its not the same. I spent two years in the RSC as a reg so Im not a complete newbie.

    So will the TA have me back or not? Im 26 so im gettin on abit now ha ha...
  2. Got to question your commitment is my first reaction.

    You've already offered two excuses , in your opening remarks. Sorry if that sounds harsh but there it is.

    If you'd said "I'm self-employed, and just had a young baby" etc , then I could understand your concerns. You should also be advised, that you are now expected,( though nothing as far as I know has ever been officially said, we just slid into it by default) to do an operational tour. No biggie you ight think , but it is if your wife is 2 months pregnant when the brown envelope drops.

    My advice, is to talk it through with your girlfriend, though I suspect I can imagine what she thinks. You may need to come up with a better line than "Getting dirty in camo" to justify it to her, women is clever like that :( I'd also think carefully about where your career is likely to be in two years time as well.

    I'm having a thick Saturday , what is the RSC?
  3. royal shakespeare company
  4. 'S' is next to 'A' on keyboard= missed keystroke? =RAC?
  5. It was meant to read RCS aka Royal Corps of Signals.
  6. Sadly I must agree with you Pongo. I think my commitment to my future family would have to come first. Now if I was single that would be a different story.
  7. RCS? Walt?
  8. Ditch the girlfriend, give up paintballing and join the TA. Visit the ex-girlfriend in 2 years time and see if she still wants you. If she doesn't, then you've saved yourself from a big mistake.

    Should I have been a Padre?
  9. Ditch the girlfriend. Thats a bit harsh. After all Ive been with her nine years, more than most marriages last nowadays.
  10. your girfriend will "no doubt" want to start a family? What about you? If you have been together 9 years surely you have discussed your expectations of marriage thoroughly? At 26 you are very young - if you don't join now you may regret it later and blame the gf...........have a deep think about it before making a decision
  11. Never mind the TA join the army for real!!

  12. Join the TA and see if your girlfriend stays, if she doesn't then you have saved yourself a wedge on a wedding.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    And if she does, there goes your bounty....

  14. Royal Corps of Signals ??? = RCS,
    RSC= Royal Shakespeare coy

    both = aload of luvvies

  15. Now is the winter of our discount tents!