Shropshire soldier in Berwick - upon Tweed

Which Shropshire regiments were around in the 1880s? I'm tracing a branch of the family tree, and one chap is listed in the Census of 1881 as 'head of Household, Private Soldier', in Berwick, aged 33. His kids have birthplaces scattered about a bit, Ireland, Aldershot, Chatham and Berwick. Any of you know which regiment that was likely to be?
Are you certain he was in a Shropshire regiment? The King's Own Scottish Borderers (25th Foot) had their Depot in Berwick at that time.
Not certain; he was definately a Shropshire man, though. His childrens birth dates (from Census records) match with the 53rd of Foot, which was a predecessor to the SLI. However, he was certainly in Berwick in 1881 for the birth of a child, again from Census. I am looking to see if he may have been detached from his own Regiment at that time. The Army today seems to make a fetish of sending lads off to other units, and Iwonder if they did then too - speaking as a Siggy who has been with 3 Inf regts as well as Int and SF!

Thanks for your interest

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