Shropshire Gang Jailed For Child Rape

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CptDanjou, May 11, 2013.

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  1. They couldn't wait till death to get there virgins.
  2. I'm only surprised none of them have skipped the country and gone "home"...
  3. They,re Nonces, should have a happy time at the Bubba,s Christmas getogethers.
  4. Fancy/weird facial hair? What's that about?
  5. The sentences were pathetic. They should have got decades, not years. Offshore them to Khazakistan, Botswana, Peru or Sierra Leone. Let the scumfucks do their time somewhere cheaper. I hope any family or friends who stand by them are getting harassed really badly by the local community.
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  6. Hmmmm, all dusky gents. Quelle surprise!!

    Said on lastnights news that the victims wanted an older boyfriend.
    How feckin' desperate can the girls have been to want an old Mussi?

    Munters, perhaps?
  7. Bizarre haw it went noticed for so long in a relativity small town ,170k pop.
  8. Exactly. We have enough scum of our own. Why would we want anybody else's?

    For the record, I support all violence against nonces regardless of colour or religion, and regardless of who does the direct action.

    For all I care, the Ku Klux Klan could get a hold of the Telford minicabbers/kebab men and lynch them.

    As for the white nonce scum, going abroad to fuck little kids, if the local Jihad boyz get a hold of them, and stripe them up, great stuff. If someone a bit higher up the chain measures them up for an orange jump suit, and a machete, well done.

    If some misguided do-gooder tries to prevent the attacks, and ends up with blood and snot over his face, or in a wheelchair, then serves them fucking right.
  9. The top left is a real slimy looking piece of shit. I could stamp on that face til my leg fell off.
  10. What has pissed me off about this is the reporting. It seems like the BBC went out of their way to not point out the ethnicity of the convicted nonces. It's one thing that these cunts do this, but quite another that their ethnicity is censored.
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  11. It either groups of choggies or TV personalities!
  12. Some might say this guy had the right idea what to do with these people.


    Fuck that one-bollocked, piss-wet, pathetic do-gooder! THIS is the guy who had the right idea.

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