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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Fred_Karno, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. In full expectation that this has been covered in great detail elsewhere (although if it has buggered if I can find it) and, if so, somebody will tersely post the link:

    What are the MQs like at Shrivenham? I've asked a few bods who have studied there and on the whole they were positive. However none of them have been there recently and, in view of the fact that we serve in such an exiciting and evolving organisation, I was wondering if things had changed at all?

  2. They fall into two distinct camps:

    - New Barratt-esque Homes (expensive)
    - Older solid but smaller builds, but you gamble with how recently the kitchen was upgraded etc (cheaper)

    We lived in one of the new ones and wished we had opted for an old build, due to cost and lack of character (the house!).

    Depending on which course you are on may dictate this too (ACSC and Intl Students tending to get the new ones, ICSC getting the older ones). Given the BL was this week, I sense you may fall into the latter bracket?

    Hope this helps.
  3. WT,

    Many thanks - I'll have a good look through in slower time.


    How did you guess?! 'Cheaper and with more character' will probably do nicely - in fact it sounds a bit like my last OJAR...

    Thank you as well.
  4. You're very welcome :D
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I've had both new and old. Without doubt I'd go for the older one again.

    You don't have the convenience of the garage attached to the house but it feels a hell of a lot more solid and less rabbit hutch, if you know what I mean.
  6. We lived in one of the oldero houses last year and it was fine, bigger and less than hald the cost of the new ones. We also didn't have to worry as much about keeping it in good nick.
  7. I agree with Chicken Jim. I'm heading back there next year and will be heading for the old quarters again if i can get one allocated.
  8. If you're unfortunate enough to get one of the new ones, you won't need a hammer to put up the picture hooks and just be careful that you don't lean too heavily on the walls.

    There are two types of older style houses. Some are two quarters knocked into one and are sometimes completely barking mad layouts. The others (on the College side of the patch) are good to go though.
  9. Was in Days Ground and they were great.

    Older style but detached, garage attached and a short bike ride in through the back gate (unless you forget the simplex code).
  10. Closer to the Prince too!
  11. Mixed experiences of MQ at RCMS. Some were outstanding. Some were like council houses only smaller.
  12. Also a very short hop to the Indian(s) and the Chinese.
  13. I was in Common Close and did the same route (the bridge over the lake was a bugger in the ice!). I heard a few weeks ago that now Beckett House is revamped and open, it has a perimeter fence and there are restrictions on using the bak gates - don't know how true that is?
  14. I've just been offered a MQ in Hill Road. I'm hoping to get down there to have a look before accepting however Mrs Karno has had a look and (with her admittedly small knowledge of SFA) does not think that it compares favourably with other pads she has seen elsewhere (Bovington, Camberley, Windsor etc.). With no practical knowledge of what else is available in Shrivenham and thus nothing to compare it to I would be really grateful for a steer if anybody has any knowledge of the houses in Hill Road; basically, am I being sold a pup?

    Sorry to keep on about this issue, but I'm sure you can all imagine the possible dischord on the domestic front if Mrs K gets down there and discovers that we're in the Shrivenham equivalent of Montgomery Lines, Aldershot.