Shrivenham Bicycling nutters

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Tuna_Head, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. I'm not at Staff College (missed that boat long ago and subsequently PVR'd), but I work in the vicinity. I'm amazed at the number of nutters cycling about Watchfield and Shrivenham in the dawn and dusk with DPM on, presumably pedaling between college and home. Some are sensible and perch a reflective bib on top of a little bergan, but some are oblivious to their invisibility. Guess what, DPM works. Some think by having a tricksy tiddly little LED flashing it makes them visible - truth is, when traffic is coming the other way, it's not much use. To the blonde who nearly went under my nearside last week, I apologise but I really didn't see you. No lights at all, full combats, you must be mad. You probably thought I was. Please wear a reflective jacket.
  2. It's not just cyclists, dark shorts and green t-shirts when running along the A420 in darkness does a corpse make.

    Most of these guys are field rank, you would think they would have learnt by now.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    They have only themselves to blame if they are removed from the gene pool.

  4. I am surprised that the MOD Police have not been active. When I was there, they would routinely wait by the Bower Brook to catch the flocks of Majors cycling away from a hard day's work on ICSC(L) without any lights or reflective jackets on back towards the married patch.
  5. It just occurred to me that the blonde officer with a big arrse on the bike I (nearly) ran over last week had a bright red beret, which I glimpsed in the enveloping gloom as I swerved to miss the mad mare so presumably was RMP. OK, I admit it, I spotted the big backside despite it being tightly clad in DPM, but it was the size of a bus looming up in front of me. If it hadn't been for her arrse I wouldn't have seen her at all... Don't RMP get issued reflective jackets? But its not just her - a horde of mad majors/captains on bikes bombburst out of the old front gate at 5.30pm last night to be swallowed up in the gloom with barely an LED between them. Daft as carrots.... Which I will be eating to improve my nightvision, of course. I may have been out of the Army for a year or two but I remember to close one eye, to protect my night vision when something or other happens. I think... :)
  6. How many of you, honestly, winked when you read the sentence above about closing one eye to protect your night vision. Ha! :D :wink:

    Edited to add the wink.
  7. I think you will find that, like most cyclists, they work on the assumption that it is the duty of the car driver to take evasive action, so that they can take the moral high ground even whilst in the back of the ambulance. Shrivenham has always tried to enforce high vis vests, lights and helmets for cyclists and runners (not helmets obviously) - it never seems to catch on. Any message you wish passed on to the RMP lady?
  8. If I could see them I would be very happy to take evasive action. Actually in her case I think I did evade, just. No particular message to the blonde RMP lady, but maybe just my apologies for nearly pushing her off her bike and into a ditch and making subsequent unwarranted remarks about her arrse (and a gentle suggestion she wrap herself in tinsel or something). Just as well the days are getting longer and the daylight illuminates all. Cheers :wink:
  9. How right you are. I have nearly created a number of promotion openings at Lt Col and Maj rank recently. People look at me with amazement as I have proper lights and reflective things front, back and side. It amazes me that the same cyclists go home, get changed and then drive on the same roads - and complain about the cyclists. There must be some psychological explanation for it...
  10. I'm with V-R on creating promotion opportunities! And I need all the help I can get.
  11. You could always create more promotion opportunities by driving along that road with your lights off. Given the lack of bicycle lights or high vis vests being worn then you have a pretty good chance of getting on to the next beige/pink/blue list.
  12. Working now as an accident investigator in civvy street. Most insurance companies investigate collisions with cyclists & pedestrians as a matter of routine in order to assess the potential of any forthcoming personal injury claim. Questions like what lights were fitted, clothing worn, helmet etc are asked. Along with what was cyclist doing, where were they riding, was there a cycle lane etc. There's a big section in the Highway Code (15th edition dated 2007) on cyclists and if it can be shown that the cyclist has breached any one of the rules (59 to 82 on p21-26) then it's not only goodbye compensation claim, but the cyclist could find themselves having to pay for damage to my artic!

    I'm not saying you have to dress like a cross between Adam Hart-Davis and a Xmas tree but it would help...
  13. It's still amazing just how many people look at you as if you're a prat when you tip up with your high vis vest, helmet and flashing lights least I'm an alive prat!

    WHF, pink list looking good for you? Will take up your tip on driving with lights off!
  14. Worked for me in the past - relying on others to drop/be knocked out of the race.
  15. Perhaps someone should tell the GSM that there is a discipline issue - riding bicycles without lights? Shocking. I imagine he has a cycling policy somewhere, which people can be disciplined against.