shrinking my beret

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by indifferent, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. I know this has been posted before but i cant find it in the search so here we go again!!

    Ok so its the right shape now ive removed the inner bit but still falls over my ear buy 1/4inch or so, other peoples are half inch above, so how did they shrink it that much??

    even the pissing local cadets have perfect berets!!

    ive hot/cold/hot/cold on head ,shape, leave to dry but it still has hardly shrunk.

    ive done it maybe 3 times..
  2. Not really a good idea to remove the lining but whats done is done. I had similar probs so just got a smaller one, looks perfect now. All you should need to do is the hot/cold water routine
  3. Obviously your definition of perfect is Looks like a aircraft carrier :wink:

    Trial and error is the only way, dont get the band wet, hot and cold treatment as you said an dry naturally. Go for next size own if neccessary and slightly cut the band, but if your new to the game as you dont worry youll keep your NCOs happy with the amusement of a chef style beret.
  4. Oi, I was a chef and my beret was perfectly shaped and not like a pancake or heli-pad either.
  5. i mean the beret the same shape as your white be-ro flour hat :D
  6. Ok, mate, let you off.
  7. Just buy one of ebay for £10 look for small crown berets.
  8. none on ebay but i have found 'small crown berets' for sale on a couple of sites!! cheers!
  9. Removing the liner is destroying HM's kit, facker. Never read the QR+O's?
    You should be charged and jailed to teach you a lesson.
  10. we were told to remove the plastic inner bit!!
  11. The plastic inner or the cotton lining?
  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Are we talking the square clear plastic bit that's over the shaping instructions here?
  13. yep :D
  14. It matters not which bit it is! If it were'nt necessary, do you think the great minds entrusted with these things would have ordered it? Say your on OP tour and your buddy recieves that glorious bestowal of honour better known as a sucking chest wound; now, had you NOT been a lazy git, you could have taken the wee clear plastic bit, sealed over the wound to prevent further de-pressurization of the chest cavity, and used the cotton liner to make a bandage, saving your comrade's life. But NOOOO!!! not you!!! You had to, for vanitie's sake , reMOVE all that. So he dies. And you get to be the smartest- looking pall-bearer in the funeral with your beautifully formed beret! Nice one. Quit now before you kill someone.
  15. There's a stack of them on ebay but admittedly the range of colours is extremely limited.