Shrinking my beret

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by deaks101, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. I've heard that the regs shrink their berets in hot water for a while. Is this true, and how long do i do it for?
  2. Can't be bothered with a clever comment... so here
  3. what you need to do is put hot water in the sink, make sure the band is untied and the shitty plastic bit is removed and cut a slot for cap badge. Thenp place said beret in the water. After a few minutes take beret out of water and ring out as much as possible. Place on head and shape, please do not shape to landing pad as you will be laughed at. Keep on head until the shape has "set" then set to one side to dry.
  4. Until the desired size is achieved, sometimes a couple will do it.

    I used to pop mine into a pan of hot water until it was small then stretch it a little.

    Don't boil the leather band.
  5. boil a kettle full of water, put the beret on your head then pour the contents of the kettle on shrinks to fit your head perfectly.
  6. Try setting a new trend by having the flappy bit on the left and the badge on the right. See how long it takes before anyone notices; you'll be a legend.
  7. Alternatively, smash yourself repeatedly about the face and head with a frying pan until it swells sufficiently enough to make the mahoosive landing pad beret seem smaller in comparison.

    Hope that helps.

    Edit to add: wah.
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  8. Cadet or wah.
  9. what you need to do is firstly put said beret on head....
    secondly climb into a large washing machine and go through a couple of cycles!!!! good luck
  10. 17 minutes. Remember to keep your beret on.

    Hope this helps.

    Sluggy xxx
  12. Is there any other ways of shrinking the band?

    I have 2 of the blue silk lined berets, one of which is perfect after several shapings and is perfect around my head,

    The other shapes well but isnt tight enough around my head for comfort.

    I know how to shape a beret but wondered if theres any other tips for shrinking the head band short of getting it tailored
  13. Wet it and put in the microwave for three minutes, the band will shrink slightly and it will fit better. Use neutral boot polish to moisturise it when it dries.
  14. If you're not content with the matching beret/underwear set, then try this.

    Just pull on the two spare ends of ribbon until it is comfortable and tie them off, just remember to do this after you've shaped/shrunk it.

    Just remember to tie it off when its off your head, you might cut the blood flow off!
  15. Would have done that if the beret came with the ties still in