Shrinking lowa desert boots

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Peter_Skellen, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. Hello all. I am currently deployed on H16 as a inf c/s. Patrolling everyday and obiviously cutting through the irrigation ditches and wadis leaving our lower halves and boots soaked at the end of every patrol. However I have found that drying the boots out in the sun has left them solid and very hard to put on the next day, and they are very tight to wear. I have tried not drying them in the direct sunlight however they are still the same the next day.
    Obiviously thousands of guys have experienced this on previous summer tours. My question is: Is there anyway that I can softern them whilst drying them or afterwards. And any hints or tips from guys that have experinced this previously??

  2. I used to pack them to death with paper. Really squish it in there. Wasn't brill but made them less pinchy.
  3. what he says but tbh you're fighting a losing battle. i started off with a pair of meidls and found these to be even worse, i just had to make sure i'd kicked them onto my feet well in advance of actually walking anywhere so they had time to loosen up.
  4. I have used Carr Day and Martin Leather Oil to soften suede leather boots. Hard to find, sticky, smelly and changes the colour and appearance, so not entirely satisfactory.

    Check out Nikwax, they make softening and waterproofing creams for various types of leather and fabric.
  5. Ask em direct Lowa UK - Premium Walking Boots, Outdoor Shoes, Hiking Boots & Walking Shoes. - Lowa Home
  6. Best thing for that is get on a Jackal :)
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I agree with the newspaper option for drying, leave the boot a bit damp and it should help with the next wear. damping down a bit before hand might also help.

    leather needs something like 13% moisture content to remain supple.
  8. Nikwax, applied using fingers straight from the tin. Swear by the stuff. Used it on every tour.

    Nowadays I use it on my hill walking boots, Skarpa sl's.

    And as mentioned, newspaper all the way, if possible when the boots are still wet.
  9. Transfer to the Paras..apparently they can walkmon water!

    And on a serious note, are you sure its boots shrinking and not feet swelling?

    As for the boots going stiff, by getting wet, you are washing the natural oils out of the leather/suede. As said before, you need to replace that oil. Trouble is, you cant just wack it on. There are suede sprays that allow oil to soak in, but again, you probably dont have access to a Tesco! Best I can suggest is to brush the boots once dry, and flex, rub between your hands. This will soften them and put natural oils back in.

    Sweaty feet help too!
  10. Crumple up newspaper into tennisball size and stuff them down the shoes. This works for all shows that got wet btw.
  11. He's probably not going to be toppers with newspaper at a CP, tone fair.

    Last year my C/S had the same problem and indented for jungle boots whilst out in theatre. They were a decent alternative but you may struggle to get them through the chain.
  12. Yep. But he'll have The odd paperback knocking about....
    The size of the paper is more handy too. I used to start at the back of the book. Just in case someone wanted to read it and didn't realise the last 50 pages were missing.....
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  13. i hope something unpleasant happens to you you bastard
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  14. Neatsfoot oil.

    Horrible oily stuff but works wonders on dry leather.
  15. Advice would be wet then before putting them on as they are going to get soaked anyway and it softens them a good bit. Also make sure you wash them as best possible as often as you can!