Shrinkin Tiffy Courses

Discussion in 'REME' started by catchyerselfon, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. Hello all.
    Any reason why SEME is pushing out courses with 5 Blerks on it?
    (Aug Craftsman mag pg 373)
    Spackers thrown off? Fellas sacking it or worse?

    Whats the deal?
  2. i seem to recal that photo.......
  3. Tiffies are shrinking :? Does that mean only short arrsers can go on it :D
  4. Tiffy courses and the bits behind it cant be that hard as Heywood_Jablowme passed it all :D
  5. They will be even shorter when they have the spine removed and stoop even more.
  6. It started with very few students, 16 per course are being loaded at the moment.
  7. The answer you are looking for is HOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAHHH, less Tiffies!!!Spinless jumped up nobodies that they are!!
  8. we are all 'SPINLESS' compared to you taz!!! what does it mean???
  9. not all of them
  10. Just humour him :wink:
  11. No your right, just 99.99%
  12. Lawsome, spaz, suck me plums!!!!..........................If the two of you can carry on speaking out and standing for what you beleive in then you will make great bosses for the guys rather than the over bearing majority who bend and break and become yes men.Hope you are doing well and enjoying yourselfs, if not bigger fools you!!LOL!!!!
  13. boreing
  14. Heard similar rumour, but binning the HND and only have to get 80% on exams. Could just be rumour, but 'no smoke without fire' as they say gents. Probably due to you vm lot not learning to spell, at least they teach us how to read and write as well in Arborfield! :lol:
  15. Not a rumour came traight from our directors own lips. You will get the skills you need to be a tiffy in the field force rather than some of the maths and science that only 1-2% ever use as part of their job.