Shrike exploder info...

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by armourer, Oct 22, 2004.

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  1. What sort of battery would I need ? can you recharge a used one ?

  2. Thanks

    £140 for a new one....

    Buksheesh anyone :wink:
  3. On a related note,

    Anyone know where I can get hold of a combination switch?
    (L5A1) I think?


  4. Er, why do you want them?
  5. just add some isfe's and lots of fuse instantaneous for hours of "everything I touch goes bang!" fun :lol:
  6. Just a hobby...................

    Incidentally, I once knew a Warrior called Rowley Birkin :wink:


  7. If it's just a hobby..... surely 2 pieces of tin foil a piece of foam (with holes in it) .... a couple of pieces of wire and a battery pack will do ... 8O
  8. Alternatively ..... a box (plastic is good) with 4 micro switches (hot glued into it) a connector for a 9v battery & black and tan will suffice..... :D
  9. Can't wait to read the future ammunition accident investigation report! :wink:
  10. Don't discourage them FF. They'll keep us in work for years! :lol:
  11. You mean "I was only trying what they told me on ARRSE...." isn't a valid excuse?? 8O
  12. &

    Personally, I'll do neither of the above and enjoy many more years of contented life, with large plates of chips & custard and lashings of ginger beer. :wink:
  13. PP, if I do the investigation, it'll be good enough for me. :wink: As for the rest of them, well, who can say...............
  14. obviously , for the deadliest IED known to man , just throw one of the old ration tins of jam on a fire and retreat to a safe distance , stickier than napalm mate !!!