Shrewsbury careers office, help?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JokerR, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. Wasn't too sure where this should go,
    Just left bovvy and i'v been assigned to the Shrewsbury careers office starting 4th Jan,
    But i wasn't given a time to arrive on the day, or told who to report to ect,
    With it being xmas/new years period i cant contact them by phone...
    Anyone else starting on the same day or already work there that can give me an idea of when to be there, how to be dressed and who to report to ect?
    Incase it helps, im a Tpr, QDG's.
    PM if needed, thanks...
  2. In the event that you don't get any advice from someone in the know between now and then, if I were you I'd tip up in uniform an hour before the office opens to the public (which is at 08:30). You could also leave a message with your mobile number on the answer machine (01743 232541) as a bit of top-cover.
  3. Thanks, number written down, about to take an iron to the greens :wink:
  4. Would probably turn up 30 minutes early, an hour is a bit too much.
    Leaving a message on the answer phone is a good idea.
    You should report to the office manager Normally a WO2.
  5. Actually, the number you want is 01743 232678. The one I posted before is for the Navy.