Shrew or Mouse.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sinner251, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. Shrew

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  2. Mouse

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  3. A Megalodon is a ******* Fish

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  4. A Megaladon is an extinct ******* fish

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  1. This wonky eyed Ginger Cunt,
    Not content with murdering every fucking thing in the garden has now graduated from leaving bits of dead rodents and birds on doorsteps and window ledges to bringing them in alive.
    So far today we had a mangled blackbird that pecked fuck out of my hand, when I got the cat to stop playing with it in the hall and got it to the door were it fucked off rapidly.
    Wife screaming as if she were being murdered alerted me once more that the biff eyed Ginger Cunt had brought a present.
    Cue twenty minutes trying to catch this...
    So after trying to catch it alive to stop the wife whinging, I got fed up of chasing it from under one piece of furniture to another and on its next dash I twatted it.
    Cue wifey going nuts because I killed a "ickle mouse".
    She did not take kindly to my indicating she was maybe a hysterical mong and that it was a "FUCKING SHREW YOU STUPID BITCH!".
    So was I right is it a Shrew?

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  2. Did you piss on it?
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  3. In fact fuck you cunts I know I'm right.
  4. Shrew.
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  5. Cook it and eat it, if it tastes mousey it's a mouse.
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  6. was it tame ?

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  7. It's a shrew so yes you're right
  8. RIP Mr Jangles.
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  9. It is indeed a shrew, Sinner.

    By all accounts they live short lives but happy ones, eat three times their body weight every day and fight and shag like it's going out of fashion.

    I believe they live an average of three months. There's probably a lesson in this somewhere .......
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  10. There's nothing left to cook. It's insides have fallen out of it's bum!

    Might make a nice hat though for one of the kids. Just saying, like.
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  11. Well its mastered "Stay!" tomorrow I'll try and teach it to retrieve.
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  12. Nah it burst along its spine when twatted with a rolled up Doctor who mag, I may be in trouble with the oldest of the coven now.

    How many shrews to make a Davy Crockett hat?
  13. The shrew! I believe considering their size are the double ard bastards of the rodent world, they'll fucking ave you son.
  14. Many. They are the smallest mammal in Britain.

    (Trivia is on special offer tonight :) )
  15. Insectivores.
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