OK.... i've done OTC and moved onto TA. First weekend out coming up, and am meant to be helping out with a SHQ.... Only problem is that i've only had to do troop stuff with the OTC. Whats the score with an SHQ.... what happens, what tasks are there, and whose meant to do tasks etc.. and more importantly, where can i can find out about it?

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P.S... before i'm asked, its a reconnaisance squadron HQ...


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I am talking 1970s here, so I dunno how relevant it is today.

Two times ACV. One operates, the other moves, or in static periods, they back up to each other and share duties. (It's even harder work if they don't.)

OC has LR, 2IC travels with Command Vehicle A. SSM in a Ferret. SQMS in a LR. I'd guess they'd allocate you as "Second Captain" (a position on our Orbat that was never filled throughout my time) and travel with Command Vehicle B.

Get into position under cover, unseen (probably at night), extend the penthouse on the back of the CV and cam up. Assume control. Watch-keeping duties. Other CV joins. Watchkeeping stags shared between officers and SSM, radio stags by CV crews and other radio trained personnel. Remainder stag on on the perimeter.

You find yourself sharp as the enemy advances and you prepare to advance backwards (hey, I am talking Cold War, remember). SSM has already recced the next location. One CV PUFOs to the new location, sets up and assumes control. Other CV PUFOs and hopefully doesn't have to exfiltrate because they have left it too late (it's even more embarrassing when RHQ has to exfiltrate ...).

Repeat ad nauseam.

TBH I think it's the same routine in all FHQs, recce or otherwise. When I transferred out, the Armoured Workshop I was attached to thought I was a Godsend and instead of getting the quiet life I'd transferred to the RAPC in search of, I went on exercise MORE and was entrusted with the Wksp HQ comms. But it was a walk in the park compared with a recce FHQ. As a reult of my efforts, 12 Armd Wksp made a case to CREME or whatever that there ought to be a callsign allocated in the new system for an RAPC representative on the Wksp net, which hitherto there hadn't been.

Remember to look after your Troopers and they'll look after you (ie you won't get bogey sandwiches, Baldrick's espresso coffee, etc). Pull your weight and you might earn respect. Gob off and you certainly won't.

First reading material I found on joining 15/19H was a Regimental newspaper with a picture reminding all ranks of the correct precedence:

Cooking the food


I hasten to remind you that this all surmise on my part.

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TA recce SHQ?

I take it you mean the QOY...?

That being the case, SHQ will probably be like most Yeomanry SHQ's - a veritable pink palace, with a cracking line in tea and bacon butties!
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