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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Soldier_Why, Jul 10, 2003.

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  1. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Just seen on the news a piece about the Brits showing the SPAMs in Iraq how to deal with unruly locals.

    Big Infantry CSgt (from a Yorkshire Regt by the sound of him), telling them about Rules of Arrest, Vehicle Searches, Body searches etc.

    Reporter made a big deal about how the Americans were well prepared for the invasion of Iraq but are completely unprepared (useless?) for the PK aspect and are being shot at almost daily.

    My only question is - why have they waited so long before asking for our help when we're obviously better trained and experienced at this sort of thing than them??
  2. May be cos they didnt like to admit to it in April?
  3. Our cousin's from across the water are not very good at acknowledging that other people may be better than them in all certain areas.

    I was told that during the Vietnam War the US sent a Bn to the Jungle School in Borneo (or there abouts).  The were told that they would have to adapt what they had been taught to their bit of jungle.  However, rather than deploy the jungle trained Bn in theatre, they were all sent back to the US as jungle training instructors.
    I hope that this time the formations that are given the benefit of our experience put it into use for real.  Then, and only then, can they instruct their own later.
  4. In fairness to the spam soldiers, te concept of PK ops isn't one that sits easily with them. The US Army was always trained to be a standing force when the red hoards came across the Rhine, and given the size of their infrastructure it has taken a lot longer for them to adapt to a changing role than it did for the much smaller British army. They also don't have the benfit of experience in handling foreign trouble spots that we gained from the loss of the Empire after WW2, policing actions in NI, and PK in Boz. Their politicians are terrified of committing troops on the ground in PK because they are difficult to manage and the enemy isn't visible and the body bag factor plays a much higher role in their somewhat more politically driven military planning than it does in the UK. We are much more ready to accept losses than the spams politically, and after GW1 the US thought that air power alone was the way to go, which was proved wrong in Kosovo in '99.

    They need to learn the lessons we learned 30 years ago in NI and after Borneo and other operations that they just never had the experience of.
  5. And they still haven't asked! :roll:
  6. Hmmmm. In which case, why have OPTAG been doing briefings in theatre for the past while?

    Try this selection of photos from an in-theatre American tank commander:

    Specifically, the photos for: