Showering naked infront of young children - Am I wrong?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by crabby, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Yes - You're dirty and you should be hung up by dangly bits until the crows peck your eyes

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  2. Nope - Carry on, infact I'm getting a semi just thinking about it

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  3. Nope - Don't just carry on, roll up the blinds and give them a proper show

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  1. Arrsers, I have a problem

    When I go to shower in the morning only the lower pane of glass in my bathroom is frosted, and the blinds are broken so are only half slanted. This would be fine, only my head is visible and only slightly so. However, my bathroom overlooks the playground of a nearby primary school. They can't see anything, they probably don't even relate a pinkish blob in a distant window to someone showering. Yet I'm still naked, and I can see them playing around all sweet and innocent.

    This makes me feel very very wrong.

    Am I right to feel this way?

    (to pre-empt any of those really sick minded... no I don't enter deadly hand to gland combat whilst in the shower, doing that infront of kids would just be.... ugh)
  2. Personally crabby I think your question would be better directed at Arrsers who have first hand experience of being naked in front of kids. Give Little Jack Horner a shout.
  3. If it feels wrong don`t do it, sounds very suspect to me. pop into B&Q and get some frosted fablon for the glass :D
  4. I concur!
  5. Crabby, you are a very sick man. Get professional help soon. Talking helps and will cleanse you soul....... :lol:

    Keep up the good arrser work :p

  6. You fcuking sick barsterward
  7. You did read the bit that basically said they couldn't even see my todger if they tried?? It's just I know I'm naked, and you can see all these sweet kiddies playing in the playground and it just makes me feel uncomfortable
  8. In Little Jack Horner's case read "painfully erect".
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Crabby - leave when you are well behind. Sad thread, but - please leave it here for (your) future reference.

  10. I think that little statement will haunt you for life you grotty little man.
  11. Hell, man.. just don't look at the kids, then... get a laminated piccie of your favourite " tart du jour " and hang it from the shower head and focus your energies there.. problem solved...unless you're gathering a crowd below, then give them your best shot...
  12. A quote from MacVicar springs to mind:

    "Oh come on Ronnie, it's not as if he killed the kid, he only fcuked him"
  13. Maybe if the problem is that you can see the children, wear blacked-out goggles. That could make the situation slightly worse if you happened to slip due to blindness, fall through your window naked and onto the playing field.
  14. Considering what you’ve said to 5.56mm in the past, our friendly neighbourhood 14yr old boy


    …does not look good.

    Do you trade photos whit LJH?
  15. Are you a Catholic Crabby? Were you bought up to think of nudity as sinful? Seriously mate, if they cant see anything below the waist you've got nothing to be ashamed of. I cant see much from my bathroom window, but when I wander naked from the shower back to my bedroom, I often stand and watch the world go by outside while I drink my tea. I can see kids, adults, dogs, cats and horses. Even if I stood in front of the window they woudnt be able to see anything.
    The only time I might be tempted to allow someone a sneaky peek, would be if I saw some nuns passing my house. I'd leap naked onto my bed, put my hands behind my head, thrust my hips back and forward whilst belting out the Rod Stuart classic "If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy............" is that disrespectful? will I go to hell? :D