Shower cabins

Discussion in 'DIY' started by DieHard, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. Our shower enclosure has leaked once too many with the crap bathroom panels, there are 7 of us using the shower mostly twice a day, while the shower can deal with it, the supposedly waterproof panels and enclosure cant.
    If anyone can reccomend a cabin or has one could they let me know please, my budget is about £800 but obviously i dont want to spend that much because water has seeped from the shower into our bedroom and warped the flooring.

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  2. not being a mong and would like to help, in what context shower cabin, is this for work, the house, or are you are after a wet room?
  3. Why not go for a wet room? Although you might want to put up a shower curtain to stop your bog role getting wet.
  4. sorry for not being clear, its for the house.

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  5. i would like a wet room but we are short on space and the mrs does not want one

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  6. wet room is not exactly that expensive, as for the missus you sometimes have to agree with them for sanity.

    My sister had a company called Dolphin install a shower unit for her, dont know how cheap it was, it looks like something out of Alien,

    Desktop commando posted something quite useful. I would have a look at that,
  7. Thanks for the link, the problem is the tongue and groove panels we have leak so i am not too sure,however i have a suspicion that my water pump or emersion heater may be the cause of the damp floor, i will be callinp out a plumber reccomended by ssafa that we know and take it from there.
    A wet room would be ideal because my Mrs has bad knees and hips and until I get my heart fixed properly, I get short of breath and find it hard to shower in a small space.

    Good link though

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  8. Slightly off topic, but it's well worth taking off your bath panel every few months to check for leaks.

    My wife mumbled something about a "noise in the bathroom" on Thursday morning........ I couldn't hear it, so went off to work.

    Walking down the corridor that night, I nearly went flying, as 2 of the hardwood boards had popped upwards.

    I lifted them and the insulation boards were soaked.

    Removing the bath panel showed a joint spraying water which had run under the stud wall into the corridor

    I had to take up about 10 panels to dry the wood, couple of dehumidifiers all week- end, finally got the boards back down today.

    Just get a good torch to look for water damage, especially if you have an overbath shower, a lot haven't been secured properly or the silicone sealant has come adrift.
  9. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    I erected a shower cabin at the bottom of my garden.


    Its modelled on Birkenau and can cleanse several pikeys at a time.

    Before anyone kicks off, I have yet to hurl a red sea pedestrian in there.
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  10. P_G,
    dare I ask how you heat such a volume of water that is required.......

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  11. If Hitler had concentrated on the pikeys, he would have been awarded the Nobel peace Prize.

    Had one of the ***** in our street a couple of weeks ago, pretending to be a tree- surgeon.

    Shafted 3 of my elderly neighbours for around 400 quid for a total of 2 hours work, came back 3 days on the trot to bully my 86 year- old neighbour into cutting down her healthy cherry tree for £150.

    I went out and fucked him off, got threatened, although I'm certainly not hard or fit, wish I was, I'd have liked to have beaten the **** to death for targeting vulnerable old ladies.

    Very professional looking, vinyl signage etc, calls himself Woodlands, he's around Durham at the moment, but as soon as he knocked on my door, I could hear the pikey patter.
  12. I hope no padres of the light footed variety are reading this.

    Sent from beyond the grave using the Force.
  13. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    its a kind of vapour shower..... cleanses pikeys beautifully