Showdown in Oxford as students face opponents of animal tes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. About time people showed opposition to the anti-vivistection lobby's actions!

    Well done all you oxford students!
  2. This compares favorably with my own univeristy, which when protesters (SPEAC) were threatening to disrupt the university if a new primate lab was built, decided it would be to expensive to protect, and rolled over.
    Moral courage = 0
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The usual subterfuge and misdirection to avoid the subject whenever challenged, tosser.
  4. Are these the same law-abiding citizens who exhumed that woman's corpse and held her family to ransom? The same ones who made the hamster farm owners' lives misery for years?

    Christ, what an example of double-speak. I wonder if even he believes his own lies.
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    These people are deranged and see themselves as having the absolute moral certainty that they are correct.

    From an interesting article on these nutters.
  6. He's a typical bully, now people are standing up to him & his organisation he's scared because he knows the 'arguments' for his position have no foundation.

    I'm always tempted to 'out' Finland as a place where they breed animals for research (they do you know). Then maybe all these ALF types will sod off to a country with thousands of square miles of trackless forest & an armed population...

    Wel, I can always dream.
  7. Animal Rights? Don't make me laugh. The average animal liberationist is so mired in anthropophomorphic clap-trap that they can't even begin to see beyond fluffy wuffy furry beasties and ickle-bickle whiskers of love. They are so wrapped up in hatred for their fellow man, that they miss the obvious points about biodiversity - which is that it is a choice not a right.

    Bean sprout munching, organic hand-knit wearing tossers. As long as man manages the animal kingdom then there is a strong chance that species will avoid extinction which their evolution has chalked them for (pandas for example). If we let "nature" red in tooth and claw prevail then we can expect to see our own species amongst others disappear. So, let's make the kindest, least profligate use of the resources we have been gifted and not sit on out rattan chairs lamenting about rabbit skin coats and real meat.
  8. Finland has enough problem with arse holes letting out minks (they are animal lovers) that then get eaten by the wild larger animals like fox or get run over by cars or freeze to death.
  9. Which they do here, but in our case it's our own wildlife that suffers. How do the ALF justify damaging native wild species through the release of captive-bred introduced ones?

    Obviously they can't. Any argument they put up is shot through with inconsistencies and emotive claptrap. People like this are so carried away with their own righteousness that they're permanently on send.
  10. I can tell you the animal rights bunch of gits are not lentil eating hippies. I've seen them tucking into a McDonalds on several occasions.

    No they're jsut there to cuase violence, and trouble, and get their 15 mins of fame on the news. I just want the govenment to include them on the list of vermin, so they can be shot on site.
  11. Perhaps the solution would be to incarcerate the ALF membership into a variety of laboratories and do the testing on them?
  12. Which site? Can't we just shoot them anywhere?

    Actually I would be worried if we were allowed to shoot them. There would be a backlash and we would have to use steel or bismuth shot or something...the danger of lead poisoning in the national lentil resources would be too awful to consider! :twisted:
  13. Why shoot them, we can use Seal Clubs !!! All animals being equal.
  14. They are all idiots with too much time on their hands, so they have to go and disrupt the centre of town, and burn down boathouses, and threaten that anyone connected with the university is a legitimate target. A guy in the year below me who wrote a letter into the student newspaper had to go and talk to the police about possible repurcussions ffs.
  15. There is no excuse for vivisecting animals when we have thousabds of convicted child-molestors living in 5-star luxury in what we laughingly call "jails".
    Come on, what you rather test drugs on, some poor animal - or Ian Huntley.