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I'm sure this has been posted before but I need a whinge, Why is it that our LCpl's are on a higher pay band? I don't at all begrudge them this I just feel that we should ALL be on this higher rate of pay.
I think that anyone AH qualified should have thier pay altered accordingly to reflect the huge jump in responsabilities and job spec? I am aware that the pay review body is still investigating this issue however having only 12 yrs left of colour service I'm wondering when we'll have a result?

Whinge ends :oops:
I totally agree jonny. Being relatively new to the AH myself and just having done AH basic it is completely visible that the guy's pay does not reflect their job roles compared to the Lx/Gz era. A review is being conducted and the results due out later in the year. Money has always been a whinge and long may that continue. Unless soldiers tell their c of c their concerns the budget holders will ignore the problem as best they can (until retention figures get too low); the Army is still a business after all.
One hopes the situation changes soon. The chaps have been waiting a long time for this.

Each Corps tries to (hopefully!) get their chaps onto higher pay scales reflecting their employment/quals/responsibility. The AAC being a small, youngish Corps (in the eyes of the non enlightened elements in MB MoD) competing with the 'established' old duffers for a piece of that very elusive pie. I think once AH becomes fully established around the bazzars of the Army, our guys may get a bit more recognition (not the pilots, but the blokes who do the work!).

Chefs get top pay because they can potentially kill the most and the 'danger' money aspect must rate pretty high as everyone wants to fill 'em in! :wink:
Muttley said:
I also agree, after all, if a chef can be on higher band then so should the whole British Army..
I saw a film once called "Under Siege" he was a chef, probably worth higher payband? :lol:
For those of us no longer in, can someone explain to us how things have changed since the Lx/Gz era, ie what do the lads do now that they did not do before? Is there some aspect of the DFS etc done by AAC now? Do they have additional technical responsibilities now?
I also agree, after all, if a chef can be on higher band then so should the whole British Army..
Sorry for distracting from your original thread, but that is a weak comment about military chefs. We in the forces have the best chefs in the world. Unfortately due to contacting out, there is not enough of them. As most of us know the food standards are crap now. Bring back the Military chefs to the canteens, I say, and the food is very enjoyable. Not many camps have Mil chefs, pity.

Rant over

carry on
BlotBangRub said:
Do they have additional technical responsibilities now?
In short the answer is yes, Groundie duties include loading of all the munitions which includes the use of tools and a no volts safety check. All of this is uploaded onto an outboard computer that updates the aircraft (LMP) Load Maintenance Panel. This weaponary task alone is worthy of increased pay as the responsability is huge to turn an aircraft around. Then let us not forget the Signals personnel who fill the aircraft with all the relevant gubbins, won't go into details for obvious reasons. Gone are the days of lying on a TOW waiting for a Lynx to come in. We have leaped into a whole new ball game and the pay does not reflect this I think? Does anyone know what sort of money the RAF or Navy harrier weaponary boys get?

Whinge Ends :oops:

I reckon (with my thoroughly enlightened purple and joined up hat on) that Flash has hit the obvious on the head. Once the whole concept of AH has been demonstrated properly (i.e. as a true manoeuvre element) and is seen to be the massive uplift in capability that it is, then the pop-star waged community can add yet more dosh to their payslips. At the moment we have an entire Brigade without a significant manoeuvre enabler* - a ridiculous situation.

Muttley - I agree with Ducati - Army chefs are great, working long hours in unpleasant conditions in all operational environments - but I bet you're fishing for a bite, aren't ya? :D

*'ARRSE Buzzwords'?
BlotBangRub said:
Thanks for the reply littlejonny, it all sounds very technical.
Theres a lot to do, more than we ever have done before thats all I'm trying to get across, hope your not mocking me.......I'll tell mum :lol:
littlejonny said:
I'm sure this has been posted before but I need a whinge, Why is it that our LCpl's are on a higher pay band?
I can't believe that everyone has missed the obvious.

They are a higher rank than you. Higher pay bands + rank pay is an incentive. Might not be fair, but get promoted and all your worries will go away.
silly me..........fcukin drongo! 8O
Returning to the original question "Why LCpls are on a higher scale of Pay Farce 2000?"

In the main it was down to less than clever thinking by Avn management. When the JSJET reviewed AAC GC for implementation of Pay 2000, they paid a visit to Middle Wallop. Predicating any potential F*** ups by Atprs, management placed LCpls IC every stand for the review visit. JSJET clearly were impressed by the responsibilities demonstrated by said JNCO's and viola..higher scale for them.
In addition, MW failed to impress upon the team the multi skilling of AAC GC, by only showing soldiers in either a CP, ALP or GH setting in isolation. Neglecting to emphasise that the soldier can be expected to conduct all 3 trades. E.G. dive out of the CP off the radio, start up the Oshkosh, drive it to the ALPC, refuel a AH, then with a broom up their ARRSE, put a £250K missile on it to provide 50% of the British Armies Op Capability 24/7 :cry:

Makes the chefs arguments look pretty tepid I would suggest!

Next time they review the AAC, the multi skilling must be demonstrated and emphasisee in order to attract a potential score for higher scale pay. :roll:



I can assure you that a lot of work is being done to try to secure AAC Groundcrew a better deal. If you want to know the real reason we did not get it last time call me at DAAvn any time.

I am well aware of people grafting on the groundies behalf, yourself included. I am not planning to bail out anytime soon I'd just like to see us get the credability we deserve! The groundie is a resiliant character as we all know so a few more years probably won't would be nice to know that change is on it's way though.

All the breasts,

L J.
blot to answer your question they are now saying AAC grondies could be involved with the DFS side and it does turn out to be a big jump from lx/gz to the AH but hey im only the monkey speak to the organ grinder
Interesting one this. I remember making the same argument about how AAC groundcrew were badly paid back in the late '80s. We would trot out the same old reasoning that we might be called from the CP to work on the FARP and had to be skilled in both fields. However, now that I'm a civvie and no longer need to try and bluff any Army pay boards, I can be a little more honest about things.

Once an Air Trooper was streamed into either MT or Sigs, it was unlikely that he would ever get involved in the other stream's activities, other than having to complete the obligatory B2/B1 courses (I think B1 Groundcrew was mandatory for all but you then had a choice of doing the B1 Driver or Signals course).

I fully accept that AH will have made a massive change to the way the AAC operate, and that Junior Ranks have a higher level of technical training and responsibility, so a higher pay award goes without question IMHO. However, I would be interested to hear whether or not you guys honestly think that the Sigs/MT inter-operability argument is a valid one.
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