Show me a good time...

A spitroasting ;D ;D
She would be "entertained" by the "Gentlemen" present my God hopw dare you suggest that she would be Spitroasted!!

The Sgts Mess does not condone such behaviour!!

your built up orthopedic shoe?  ;D
Ok ill be quiet :-[
Unfortunatley they do this time.

ORG has the upper hand this time, im having to be nice to buy silence.

He has a bit of dirt on me i don't want my trout to see should she browse through the site :-[
Quite right don't talk when your mouth is full ;D
No problem, F_S posed a question I merely responded with what she should expect if she were to venture into the mess ;D
Sorry no retarded ginger brummies ;D
Not a manc Im a Lancastrian, which is where Jesus was born ;D
Bugger! does that mean I'm predictable

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