Shoving Yer Granny Aff The Bus

So I was taking care of my wee 5 year old nephew this morning and he was showing me his skills in belting out this song. Apparently his Great Granny (my gran) had taught it to him. I got the guitar out and we had a sing-a-long and it was all good fun. Anyway, after playing/singing the same song for about 4 hours straight I started wondering where it came from.

I remember learning it at primary school during the music section at the end of the week but I'm just wondering where it's origins are.

I've been googling the **** out of it since this afternoon but can only find sites with lyrics, music and videos. Was there a specific person who wrote it or was it just made up by kids at schools? It's like the Jelly Piece song and the Welly Boot song but I think those were written by performers.Anybody have a clue?


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