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Shouty Ads - Sighting Reports PSe

We're hoping that the shouty ads may have disappeared but would like some help in confirming this. To that end, can you let us know if you've seen anything since approx 0800A this morning. Nil reports also required pse

Sighting Report format is:

  • DTG
  • Page - link pse
  • Nature of ad, i.e gaviscon, weird Americans, etc
  • Browser you're using, IE9, Chrome, Firefox
  • Any special extensions or settings you're using to block tracking cookies


Gallery Guru
I've had my first one at work this morning, sorry no idea what it was as I adblocked it but it still kept playing so I muted it.
I've just opened this thread and found the ads blacked out with the message Task Queue failed at step 0: Error #2048.

Still getting crap adverts prior to this.

To get these I found I have to disable 3rd party cookies, delete all browsing history and use my Linux laptop. I think that makes the ad wizardry decide that I'm just not worth serving worthwhile ads to and I get the shit ones. If anyone can give the level of info Bad CO has then it would be really appreciated.
I want to carve Barry Scott a new mouth and then douse the open wound in Cillit Bang. To do that however I would need to buy some so technically that would mean the ad is doing the job it was intended to do. Moral dilemma here.
This Barry Scott seems a popular fellow. I've never heard of him


Kit Reviewer
Book Reviewer
Reviews Editor
As these are targetted ads they obviously know I am a poor pensioner and couldn't afford to buy their products.

Any spare change Guv? :sad:

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