Shoulder to shoulder

Okay we've taken the p**s out of each other, had a good whinge and back stab (ha,ha) etc. etc.

Do the maths. there are about 200+k of us collective, many more retired, just left. Family, friends, associates.

Ergo - go explain to all of them what cut backs mean and how all of us suffer (not financially) but morally, mentally and physically. Explain that these people (Mr Brown et al god bless them to eternal damnation) are now leaving them totally undefended from enemies and/or elements.

We want to serve and wish to protect ARAB and STAB

Final thought, is it a treasonable offence to disolve an destroy her majesty's protection of her nation?

Come on HAC one of you must be able to make a case that sticks
Windmill. Lobster. Hatstand.
Got to admit far to serious and not my best but hey I was feeling maudling having just got in from a serious bout of on me own drinking. :oops:

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