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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by RP578, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Need help to settle a debate. Do the Signals still wear "R.SIGNALS" shoulder titles on the epaulettes of their No.2 dress uniforms?
  2. Nope. We certainly havent since i joined in 89, not sure about officers though.
  3. Officers don't either.
  4. I couldnt remember. Its so rare to see anyone in No 2's or Service Dress these days.
  5. Last time I wore them was in NATO in 96. With Khaki's.
  6. Don't remember ever seeing anyone with shoulder titles, apart from the Engrs for a while until they got a TRF.
  7. Still have a pair.......
  8. should we bring them back?
  9. No.

    AADWBDIC Cse No 8* :wink:

  10. We don't have enough badges...
  11. We used to wear them at Harrogate, 93-95ish.
  12. No we didn't. At least I never saw a set through out the 93 -95 period.

    I had a set (never worn), and they were still orderable until at least 98 because a non Sigs unit I was attached to ordered a pair in to the stores for me, with a load of other Signals bits and pieces (so I would have some spare acoutrements).

    Only set I ever saw worn, was by a Sigs Cpl, who was working in the Osnabruck Med Centre around 95-96. He was attached from 14 Sigs and wore them on his white med coat things shoulders. Along with a badge that announced his rank, name and position as a RMA 1. (obviously the others wore similar badges with CMT 2 or RGN on.
  13. Oh, them things.

    Gold staybrite material and 'RSIGNALS' in capitals. I got mine issued mid 80's and only remember wearing them once. I think they were designed to be worn when in Barrack Dress (at least that was the case in the unit I was with). I don't recall them being worn with No 2 or Service Dress.

    And then they went out of fashion!! Fairly sure I've got a set somewhere, maybe I'll stick them on eBay - marked 'as worn by SF' of course.
  14. IIRC we wore them at 21 in Osnatraz too circa 84.. (2 Sqn)
  15. yep mid 80's we wore them on barrack dress only at 211 Sig Sqn - Minden. Pain in the butt as they always broke or were pinched before you put them on and were left with one - SSM would not be impressed lol