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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ordinaryforces, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. just a quick question,
    when did the practise of wearing shoulder titles on no2,s start?
    There's a pic of Vinnie Jones' boy on another thread,

    I know they were always worn on khaki bd but we never wore them on no2,s
  2. The Houshold Div started wearing them more or less from day one of No2s.
    Originally it was brass/staybrite initial titles plus insignia- for example WG with brass/staybrite leek above on the epaulettes as far as I can recall.
    Then some years later, they moved to cloth titles on the shoulder (going back to the days of SDs (Service Dress) when they - the Guards -also wore cloth titles on the shoulder when everone else wore brass epaulette titles)

    The RGJ wore black epaulette titles on no2's from at least 1966.
  3. Thanks
    but as I recall fom my time in 66-73 most regiments/corps (and there were a lot more then) everyone seemed to wear staybrite on the epaulette I don't recall many wearing them on their shoulder (upper arm)?
    but then again It might just be a memory thing.
  4. Yes, I think it must have been sometime in the early '70s that the Household Div moved to cloth titles on the shoulder with the Regt's name in full. Whether the Household Cav changed at the same time, I don't recall.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The Foot Gds all wore the Epaulette style at least until 1988. The change to the cloth scroll at the top of the arm only came in when drill for the L85 was approved. The SLR didnt slope arms but the L85 did causing the titles to get ripped off!
    It was the Drill pigs course set up by the woodentops which forced the change back to BD style shoulder titles!
  6. Cheers ugly
    that seems to clear that up,
    for what it's worth I don't think cloth badges is a good look on no2s.
  7. I would agree, looking at Jones Jr's photo, but it's a Guards (inc HCAV)thing, it seems.

    Although I'm sure Ugly is quite right about the slope arms forcing the change back to cloth titles, I imagine the Guards were quite keen to get back to their tradition,which was really a follow on from Service Dress(WW1 Pattern).
    (Especially the Grenadiers with G G on their shoulder(epaulette!)

    I believe along with the Guards, RMP may have worn cloth titles on Service Dress (when issued) starting from 1943 or thereabouts.

    By the time BDs were phased out 1962/63 it was a bit of a mixed bag, most of the army wore cloth shoulder titles but the RAC regiments wore metal titles and the Scottish infantry regts wore just a tartan flash on the shoulder.
  8. 40 odd years ago should it should be ok in mil/his :D

    I'll put up this photo of us junior bleeders for an example...theres a varied lot of regiments here with no sign of shoulder titles.

    shoulders back lovely boys.