Shoulder stabilisation surgery

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by coulddobetter, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. I am in the process of applying to join up as an officer and have had my initial application rejected due to having two shoulder operations on the same shoulder.

    I dislocated it when 18 in a rugby match, had one operation...the shoulder never felt stable or strong after that op and it was deemed to be a failure when I dislocated it again.

    I am now 23 and had my second operation in November 2008 so am almost one year after that op. The shoulder feels solid this time and is completely different to the first op. I am currently gathering additional info from my surgeon/physio backing my appeal and am keen to hear if anyone has gone through a similar process, shoulder injury or otherwise.

    I applied to the RAF and was initially rejected on the same grounds but managed to over turn it on appeal, my first choice would be to join the army though so am pretty keen to find out what my chances are from anyone who has had a simialr experience.
  2. I have also recently applied to become an Army Officer and have my initial sift interview on September 2nd. Subsequently, I had applied last year (In my final year of University) and had to postpone my application due to a stabilisation of the left shoulder, a boxing injury..with a nice scar to prove it!

    However, at present I cannot percieve how I would be rejected on the grounds of fitness or physical wellbeing for either the AOSB Briefing nor the Main Board, as I'am fit , healthy, fully recovered and able to perform all the physical tasks and tests effectively and meet the desired criteria.

    Conversely, I presume, come the Army Medical, when aspects of ROM are tested, you may have to prove to the examiner that your ROM and shoulder strength does not make you any more prone to injury in the future.

    I currently work part-time at a Hospital, and have become quite friendly with a T.A Nurse :hump: ; shoulder dislocations are one of the most common sporting injuries, particularly for Rugby. Therefore, If you were to pass all the medical tests at both the Brieifing and Mainboard (Including press-ups, pull-ups, assault course etc!) without complaint and still fail an Army Medical, I would think you were fully entitled to an appeal, and it would be a strong one at that!
  3. hey, don't know if its any diferent for an officer but i too had a stabilisation Dec 08 my shoulder also feels 100%.
    i am in th process of joining R E got word back the other day from A C I O that they require a 3 month exercise diary, so i'm guessing if i can prove the shoulder is strong enough then there should be no problems, i'll find out more 2/09/09 as i have pre selection.
    hope this helped. :)