Shoulder Rotator Cuff injury

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by western, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. I have had one of these for two months and am not responding too well to physiotherapy and still in quite a lot of pain. The hospital are now suggesting surgery.

    Are there any particular methods or techniques that are considered 'best of breed' these days? I also have private medical cover and don't want to find that I end up with a four month recovery when it could have been two or whatever.

    Being a total wimp low pain techniques would be of particular interest!
  2. couldn't tell you about techniques but i DO know a fantastic shoulder surgeon if you're anywhere near the Midlands! PM if its any use to you
  3. Might get back to you on that one, thanks.
  4. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Am in a similar boat, so have an interest too. Just saying!
  5. I dislocated my shoulder about 4 years ago and I still don't (and probably wont ever) get full range of motion. Due to the very nature of your shoulder and the amount of 'stuff' it contains any injury will take a long time to heal. I had lots of physio and they gave me a few very very light exercises to do. Nothing for strength training but to stop it 'ceasing up' so to speak.

    I good trick for icing it is to buy/get polystyrene cup and fill them with water and freeze them. You can then rub the ice directly onto the affected area without your hand melting it as well. Once it's melted down to far you can peel of some cup and keep going or just fill it up and stick in back in the freezer.

    Hope it all gets better for you soon.

    T C

    Edit to add- There's bound to be a physio on here who can give you some tips, but if you get stuck PM and i'll try and explain the easy ones.

    T C
  6. Hey,

    I tore mine playing rugby (both actually but at different times) you need to get yourself a good physio and a big elastic band......!
    you need to get the different coloured lengths of rubber (ladies use them in pilates) the colour deonates the resistnance. You tie these to door handles and do loads of exercises like that then as it gets esier do the same again with a harder band.

    Good luck guys x :lol:
  7. So ten paracetamol and a bottle of scotch prior to getting up doesn't help then? PM on the way.
  8. I had a serious problem with a rotator cuff a few years ago. Time and a big rubber band healed it. Took a couple of years, though. Best of luck.
  9. Chhers, I was 'awarded' my rubber band Grade Yellow yesterday. Did you have surgery?
  10. PM sent mate.

    T C
  11. Ha ha ha ha I finished on green....I am a master of the rubber bands!!

    No surgery for me, just a life time of

    I have my shoulders "released" every couple of weeks.

    My shoulders are really screwed now though. They never come back to what they where you just learn to deal with it.
  12. I had years of a unstable shoulder, dislocating & subluxing at a drop of a hat (Old war wounds in NI, feel of a bar stool p1ssed & a then drunk ODA mate decided to plonk it back in for me!!! – the prat!)

    I had my left shoulder stabilised (Blanchard’s Procedure) by a Col Stewart (don’t know if he still in or not) at MDHU North about 5 yrs ago then spent 4 trips to Headley Court month at a time, finally downgraded but still deployable.

    The outcome was rather mixed, the shoulder has been & remains stable, and I now have chronic pain in it which on discharge I received a nice lump sum on top of pension etc for, doesn’t take the pain away but did buy me a shiny new car.