Shoulder replacement surgery


Will an arthroplasty automatically lead to a medical discharge? One of my mates has just undergone the surgery and now is the proud owner of a new plastic shoulder and a foot long steel spike with a ball on the end in lieu of an upper arm. It’s a dead cert for down grading, but is it a dead cert discharge?
He is already the proud owner of several other bits of metal in his body, but is this one to much?
This sound’s very like an Int Corps lad I served with in the sand pit a couple of years ago!!

If he can get his strength up (use Headley Court for all its worth), he may pull through, it’s an amazing place, and even if he doesn’t get army fit again he needs to do the best he can for himself (life is a long time).

If he can get mobility and a bit of strength back there is no reason why he can’t serve on.

The final decision is in the hands of the Med Board (but they are not hang men, if you want to stay and believe that you can get better they will pull out all the stops to help you)

Pass on my regards to your friend, (he needs good friends right now, believe me i know)

Good Luck

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