shoulder pains when running?

Hi fellas, got 10.04 in 1.5 mile run at rsc about a month ago, been training up and just timed my run again today and got 8.50 i'm well chuffed, only got 3 an a half weeks before i start basic. :D

But when i was running today i had aching pains at the top of my back and shoulders, it only feels like this when i do a shorter faster run, just wondering if anyone else had experienced this and could advise me of the problem or any stretches that may help??


When you breathe you use two main groups of muscles, the intercostals that lie between the ribs and those surrounding the diaphragm (the muscular sheet that separates the chest from the abdomen). When you breathe in the diaphragm muscles contract, pushing the abdomen down and pulling the lungs with it, filling them with air. The nerves that supply the diaphragm come from the C3, 4 and 5 nerve roots. These nerve roots also provide the sensory input from the neck/shoulder/upper arm. It may be that you are experiencing what is called 'referred pain'. The pain that you feel in the shoulder is actually the muscles of the diaphragm being worked harder than normal, only your brain feels it as shoulder pain because it has no reference for diaphragmatic pain.

Clear as mud? Thought so... :D

EDIT: As for stretches, just try to breathe deeply and regularly when running faster. Concentrate on controlling the rate of breathing and slowing it down a tad. This will make your breathing more efficient and reduce the strain on the diaphragm muscles.
cheers fella, tried slowing my breathing down and its improving still aching a bit but its definately helping.
might be a simple case of not warming up and stretching properly. Do the the arms across your chest and over the back of your head, sounds like the area needed..
How's your posture? Make sure you're keeping as upright as possible, it's much more efficient. It's very easy to let yourself get sloppy on a long run.
i have been warming up for longer and been doing more upper body stretches and its helped alot, i have also changed my posture a bit and tryed to straighten my back up and thats helped, i do tend to slouch a bit which might have put a bit more pressure on me back and shoulders.

cheers 4 advice again fellas not long to go now just over a week until i start basic!
Radders_11, if it persists see a doc. With less than 4 weeks to go you don't want to injure something. If you are in 8:50 shape (which is excellent) you wont lose too much fitness if you rest a few days either which is no doubt what the doc. will suggest.

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