shoulder injury prior to selection

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by garywelsh, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. well, ive had a bit of a shoulder problem (muscles in shoulder) it's starting to get get better now and ive been reading about the training and ive only started a gym and i done a bit of running and even though i smoke. After quiting for a while i tried running and im confident i could do that part but the thing that i worry about is the press ups and chin ups, im not going to complain about not being able to do that shit cause id give it my all like, its just that i wouldint want my shoulder flaring up again, my shoulders getting better now but has any one any advice about geting my shoulder up to strength for selection, im not gonna go for selection until my shoulders up to the job? im 6'2 an twelve stone so im a skinny c""t. i want to go for the rlc as a driver

    p.s i edited this after writing it in txt form before and made myself look like a spastic
  2. MUST be a wah.
  3. Is this a weekend wah? or are you doing the whole boring what is a wah routine? :roll:
  4. Outstanding!

    You do realise that unlike a classified ad you are not charged by the letter and as such can write each word in it's full, non-chav speak readable format. You could also consider some grammar and maybe the odd spot of punctuation.

    Try again and see if you get a real response...
  5. Wah-shole! as stated above, get the idiots guide book out and read it thoroughly. goto selection and just keep that arm tied behind your back with tie wraps and im sure you will get a grade D...look on the bright side it will be better than you got on your english exams at school!
  6. Re-post the thread in English. No I couldn't give a fcuk if it is a wah or not.
  7. Im sure he is trying to tell us something here ?
  8. alright shortty get your point ive changed it now so if youve a proper answer id appreiciate it