Shoulder grind issue removes all chance of being accepted?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by simpage_uk01, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I've completed my application of interest but, on reading the medical requirements, im feeling apprehensive over applying. I currently have a permanent issue with my right shoulder where the joint grinds and theres nothing that can be done to resolve short of surgery. The grinding doesn't hurt and doesn't stop me doing the required 44 press ups, just causes discomfort and possibly, due to a large amount of overexertion , to feel a little faint for a moment.

    The requirement states "Arthritis or similar" of which i guess this could be interpreted but i do not suffer the same symptons.

    Does it seem likely i will be rejected? I am 27 (which would likely work against me anyway) and have suffered from this for maybe 4 years. I have been doing taekwondo for a year and a half and have no issues. Would be applying to the royal logistics corp.
  2. Hi Simpage,

    Could you tell us what area you are looking to enter? As far as I am aware, the cut off age for officer entry is 26 with the only exceptions being:

    1) you are a current soldier, in which case the cut off is 29.

    2) you are entering a professional/specialist role in which case the entry age can be decided at the discretion of the board.

    As for your shoulder enquiry, I personally don't know much at all about which medical conditions would detract from your application, however my best advice would be to simply give the army a ring and see what they tell you. This is a forum of people who are mostly unqualified to give you any definitive advice and I would hate for a potential officer to be discouraged based on what could be false information.

    Good luck if you persevere with your application
  3. Unsure of the area, when i went to the recruiter i was informed that, with my age, i would be better aiming for a position in the RLC (as im aware, officers are recruited upto age 29 and the recruiter didn't disuade after informing him of my age). I'd hope to have a clear idea of whats i'd like to aim for before i have the sit down with the officer careers adviser over the application of intent i submitted. Ideally something associated with combat such as the air assault support or close support regiments.
  4. "From May 2012 onwards, any potential officer, for a Regular Commission, entering RMAS must be in one of the
    following categories:

    a. Under 26 years of age (unless a Soldier Entrant, where 29 is the upper age limit).
    b. If over 26 but under 29 years, a Confirmed Cadet in AGC/RAMC (MSO)/INT CORPS.
    c. Over 26 and holding a Pass from AOSB Main Board issued before 01 May 2012.
    d. Over 26 and holding an Age Waiver agreed by the Directorate of Manning (Army)."
  5. I was called this morning infegards to the above post, and that Ive now got the option of the AGC or intelligence.