shoulder flash mystery doin my ead in!!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TAYLORB999, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. why does the image of the British military Pegasus always fly from left to right with the only exception being on the old shoulder flashes that used to be worn (pre 16 AA [5 AB])??

    Ive also noticed the Yank flag also appears to be reversed on their shoulder flash, with the stars being in the top right corner??
    It really doesnt matter does it, but its doin my head in :x

    ...infact while we are here, what does PRI actually stand for? we all know what it is and what it sells, but im damed if i know what it stands for.

    Next time i might ask a question that will make me a better soldier, hahaha...
  2. There's already a couple of threads about the US flag. A search should see you with what you are looking for. (I'm too lazy to put a link in).
  3. cheers pal, will take a look
  4. found the answer to the U.S. flag bit...
    If u cant be arrsed to look its basicallly to do with it being symbolic of the flag being blown backwards, and hence they are advancing. (i hear that is a good thing ;)
  5. PRI - President Regimental Institute (I think...)
  6. Correct PRI is the President of the Regimental Institute, it is his shop.
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    It's a heraldry thing, right, (dexter,) is the positive side and charges (people or animals,) are always turned that way when representing a positive quality.
    Imagine the Peggy on a shield, viewed from the left of the man it should be seen to advance.

    In heraldic terms if the design is reversed and faces left (in sinister) it signifies the bearer has perpetrated some form of dishonour.
    Oblique lines, known as bends, bendlets, cotises and scarpes or batons run from upper right to lower left, those running in the opposite direction indicate the arms of illegitimate offspring, but another more useful indication of bastardy is a bong eye combined with a Porridge Wog accent.
    Now you can check out which bigwigs are bastards if you didn't know already.

    This information was brought to you courtesy of a pointless corner of the mind that remembers utterly useless fact from school. Any minor deviation from the finer points of heraldic custom you can poke right up your hoop.
  8. The same applies to cap badges. In almost every case the central insignia / animals shown are facing Left to Right as viewed by the wearer. If they were facing the other way they would appear to be going backwards.

    The badges of the Tank Corps (1917-24) and the Royal Tank Corps (1924) suffered from retreating tank syndrome. Happily this was corrected with the arrival in 1924 of the new "advancing" Royal Tanks Corps / Royal Tank Regiment. The same thing happened to the new Army Air Corps badge between 1940 and 1950, yet the previous Glider Pilot Regiment badge had been facing the correct way.
  9. ARRSEpedia is your friend.

    As for the US flag, it's worn in 'the fly', i.e. as it would be viewed if flown from a vessel or a flagstaff. Thankfully we don't have this problem.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Eh ? 8O
    Do you mean as if the flag were flying, or have I missed something here ? :?
  11. No, you haven't missed anything. It's worn with the stars to the fore and the stripes in 'the fly', i.e. pointing to the rear. It's like Crab Air's shytehawks: birdy always looks forwards - ergo twice as many pointless badges as is really necessary.
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I probably read the post wrong anyway as I've been on Gunfire since 14:00 hrs. :D
  13. Um, I think a PRI shop is "Private Regimental Income" actually...
  14. Nope, President of the Regimental Institute as already said. It's in QRs.

    Bugger, I've just been wah'd :x
  15. PRI is the acronym for President of the Regimental Institute. Whilst I have now joined this site (I retired from the R.C.T. in 1984) can anyone tell me the name of the 'rider' on the pegasus flash. I was in the Logistic Support Group based in Aldershot and we wore a shoulder flash with pegasus and the 'rider' being carried, the 'carrying' of the rider marked us as Logistics as the Parachute Regiment did not have the 'rider' on their shoulder flash, any ideas?