Shoulder Dislocation

Hi all, first post here (searched but couldn't find anything relevant) having just had a look at my application form i got this afternoon i found on one of the sheets it mentions dislocations of joints will not allow you to join.

Having previously dislocated my shoulder on a few occasions i've since had an operation which seems to have fully solved the problem i wondered if this will stop me from joining the paras as id hoped to do?

I did tell the army careers officer but he seemed to think it wouldn't be a problem as long as i could physically perform what was needed, having read it in black and white im not so sure.

Can anyone in the know help me out?
Does not sound too good mate, I think aslong as you have not had pins or joint support put in you might be okay considering you should get sent to a specialist to see if your shoulder will be up to it since once you have done it, it is alot easier to bugger it up again :(
Well spoke to my careers advisor today, apparently the best thing i can do is fill out my application and see how it goes, so fingers crossed trying not to get too attached to the idea yet or ill be gutted if i can't get in.
Dont worry about it mate, iv'e dislocated mine twice since i've been in and, whilst not Infantry (sorry, just cruising through) am still in a combat regiment. If you've had it operated on i don't think there will be a problem. After my op i wasnt even temporarily downgraded, just a bit of physio then straight back into the good stuff!

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