Shoulder arthroscopy

Hi all, looking for anyone who can advise out of their own experience.
4 weeks ago I had a shoulder arthroscopy, mostly a clean up of scar tissue and scraping of debrided bone. The surgeon also noted a bit of labrum damage and something called a HAGL tear (the army physio had never heard of it when I told her), neither of which he thought needed him to stitch up.

Anyway, after 4 weeks I'm crawling up the walls (hence reappearing on ARRSE) and more than a bit worried that I'm still hurting so much, unable to drive without swearing and whimpering lots and needing to wear a sling whenever I leave the house. Some of the websites I've looked at say that for just an arthroscopy you should be fully recovered in a couple of weeks. I'm on sick leave so not seeing the physio regularly - 2 weeks after surgery I was back for a physio assessment and ended up doing an hour of core workout and spinning which ended in a big icepack and a lot of drugs, and being sent home until the start of May.

Is this state of recovery normal? I feel like I pushed myself too hard too soon and have set back my recovery a bit... Anyone had anything similar? I'm at my wits' end through lost fitness and a long term hurty shoulder... but can't seem to man up through it.


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